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  • Hi,

    first of all thanks for your great plugin.

    What follows is probably a known issue but I can’t find a way to search between your dozen of opened issues, so probably it is a duplicate.

    Anyway, the biggest issue with WooCommerce is related to the language detection on the checkout page (when switching the lang, the order review box doesn’t changes); for the same reason when you try to get the current language into other plugins (using qtrans_getLanguage), by the way, a plugin I’m about to releasing, you got an erroneous lang.

    This plugin woocommerce-qtml/ from somewherewarm, solves these issues, so, why not contact the manteiner and integrate his fixes?


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    Yes that would be great!

    yes – I am searching for a solution, too.

    Also the “mini-cart” isn’t changing in my case. It stays in the main language. On the checkoutpage, the selected language appears for a second, but then switches back to mainlanguage.

    A fix would be great!

    Also posted it on the qt forums:


    yup, same here!!

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    @arthurdent qtml should solve also the “mini-cart” issue (an many others)

    Hi Sardbaba, thanks for the tip. Do you know if this also fixes the checkoutpage problem?

    Thank you very much.


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    Hi AD, yes, I’ve posted here because it solves the problem on the checkout page (on the order review box).

    Anyway, the qTranslate author should buy a copy of QTML, then integrate these fixes. QTML extends qTranslate and in this sense it is fully covered by GPL2; because of that, it can be distribuited for free.

    I buyed this plugin for the small budget required, but I think that a plugin which fixes another one should not be sold.

    So, @chineseleper, please consider this post.

    cool! worked – thank you sardbaba for the info!


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    Great! 🙂



    @sardbaba I nned that plugin if you can provide me the qtml i dont wanna purchase if you can give me a copy then i ll be grateful i too have the same problem on checkout page

    The WooCommerce-qTML did work for me…
    you can get it here

    I know, it’s not free but not that expensive too… it makes you save time and time is money so I think it’s worth it

    Wow, thanks for plugin WooCommerce-qTML. I’ll try it!

    I already installed woocommerce with qtranslate and woocommerce-qtml but the problem is not fixed. The language I mainly use is Greek and the products, the cart and the check out do not work.

    Could anyone please advise me what to do, since I need to put my site on the air?

    WooCommerce-qTML doesn’t seem to work anymore on WP 3.8.1 (ex. double names in the cart). im8-qtranslate-woocommerce/ did work for me.

    watch out for the rss feeds! i’ve bought this plugin, installed and resolved the issue, but then the feeds didn’t work anymore!
    when you go on, the error is like this:
    “This page contains the following errors:
    error on line 30 at column 64: EntityRef: expecting ‘;'”
    anyone know how to fix?

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