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  • Hello. I’m having a problem with my website in which my WooCommerce products are appearing as posts instead as products with pictures. I have been using Customizr theme and WooCommerce plugin this whole time and everything was working fine. Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening now? I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!

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  • Are you using the very latest version of Customizr? There was a bug recently, which has now been corrected.

    Hi. I’m using 3.1.20. Is that the latest version? Is there any code i can use to fix this issue?

    I am having the same problem. After the update products and categories became posts

    3.1.22 is the latest version that fixes the problem.

    Is that version out yet cause I don’t seem to find the download anywhere for it…

    Its in the developers version. Here is the link

    How strange. The Customizr main page says 3.1.20, yet the version in the WordPress repository is 3.1.22.

    Click the 3.1.22 in this link to download:

    I am trying to download version 3.1.22 to fix the WooCommerce problem and get a error that the tjheme install failed.

    Backup the current theme folder on your website and delete it on the server. Unzip the latest Customizer version, upload it where the old theme folder was and then log into the website to make sure it was uploaded correctly. Then you can delete the backup once you are satisfied that the install is OK.

    If I backup the current theme, when I load the new version, won’t I loose all of my Woo Commerce products under the old version? I have over 300 products I would have to re-enter. When will version 3.1.22 be listed as the latest version? It might be safer for me to wait and update to that when it shows as teh latest version. Thanks for your help!

    The theme itself is not connected to your plugins so your products will not be affected. Your shop is in your database, not in the theme folder. To help the nerves, why not backup the entire site, that way you can be rest assured that if something horrible happens, you can just revert to a backup.

    In any case, if you haven’t got a backup plugin, it is a good idea to get one.

    No idea when the update will show, good luck.

    If I have a backup, how to do I go back to that version of the theme?

    That link we gave you has all the previous versions or just replace the the Customizer backup that you would make. I am assuming you have a child theme…

    Hi @cvener,
    Here’s a safe workflow :
    1) In your WordPress admin, go to appearance > themes.
    2) Switch to another theme like twenty fourteen
    3) Click on Customizr v3.1.20 and delete it (button at the bottom of the pop in)
    4) Click on Add New
    5) Click on Upload
    6) Upload Customizr v3.1.22
    7) Activate Customizr

    In any cases, when you change your theme you won’t loose your products.
    Hope this willp help.

    I have just upload a new version of Customizr v3.1.22

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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