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    When I use the structured data testing tool, there are 2 separate “product” results, each with different formatting. I assume the second one is generated by this plugin, given that it is more extensive. And I assume the less detailed one is automatically generated by Woocommerce? 2 Questions:

    1.) Is there a way to disable the schema markup generated by Woocommerce?

    2.) The schema markup generated by this plugin for a Woocommerce product has a few flaws:
    – for the “description” field it uses the product short description (not full
    – it does not grab the “sku” field and insert that into the structured data markup
    (testing tool shows that the “sku” field is empty)
    – for the “@id” field it shows the URL. I’m not sure if this is the way it is
    supposed to be? Either way, probably not as important as the above mentioned

    Any help with these issues would be very appreciated.

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  • Hi @wooq123

    In order to fix this issue, you need to place the below code in the function.php file of schema & structure data plugin.

    /* Remove the default WooCommerce 3 JSON/LD structured data */
    function remove_output_structured_data() {
    remove_action( 'wp_footer', array( WC()->structured_data, 'output_structured_data' ), 10 ); // This removes structured data from all frontend pages
    remove_action( 'woocommerce_email_order_details', array( WC()->structured_data, 'output_email_structured_data' ), 30 ); // This removes structured data from all Emails sent by WooCommerce
    add_action( 'init', 'remove_output_structured_data' );

    However in case if you facing any difficulties please Can you please contact me directly on

    I will personally make sure that your issues get resolved immediately and please mentioned that you came from the forum and please attached the forum thread

    Okay I will give this a try. What about the issues with the the “description” field not being correct and the “sku” field being empty? Do you plan and releasing an update that will fix those?

    Hello all,
    I would like to also join this topic. First of all, @beingsmart , love your plugin for its simplicity.

    As @wooq123 already mentioned I also have problem with “description” field in Product schema type.
    Can you please use “short product description” $product->get_short_description() instead of “long product description” $product->get_description().

    To have it universal would be good to add some IF condition to use get_short_description() when WooCommerce plugin is actived… but this you probably already have in script.

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    We have used get_short_description() in our latest updates.

    Hello There! Please, how do I get to the function.php file of schema & structure data plugin? So I can disable my woocommerce schema?

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    What exactly are you trying to do ?

    I want to remove the default woocommerce schema. I feel it is the reason why I am getting those aggregating rating errors. So please How do I do that?

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    We have a ticket on this:

    Once that is pushed, your problem will be solved automatically.

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