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    Hello all,
    Using a clean, minimalist theme called Skeletonplus. Have been trying to get Woocommerce (from now on ‘WC’) product to view correctly. Basically the main product image that one would expect to float left with the text wrapping to the right doesn’t (whether it’s a simple product or one with variations).
    Here’s what it looks like in vivo: (if resolved here’s a screen cap )

    What I have tried:

    1. Originally I had the standard Twentyten theme – I took advice here and replaced the loop. Prod page layout remained broken.
    2. Totally uninstalled WC, tried with Twentythirteen & fourteen re-installed WC no change to prod page layout.
    3. Started to get suspicious about installation of WC seemed like one big trap to get you to pay 29$ a month for their themes ; the public documentation is a bit thin.
    4. Found Skeletonplus theme which I really like, resinstalled WC and Prod page layout broken
    5. Installed Firebug to try to figure out a fix for the layout, but my coding is limited – however what I also see behind the scenes is a real jungle of code.
    6. Been trying to get the elements to correctly float by saving a static version in a code editor, but the mess of redundant elements are giving me a headache.

    Been at this for 4 days and under pressure / hair almost gone. So please help.

    My assumptions are it’s a CSS issue. I have two questions

    1. Having replaced the loop (see ‘1’ above) I have no idea what backticks<?php woocommerce_content(); ?>backticks really refers to – I believe it is a function (in a functions file) or a product page? (neither of which can I seem find in the plug-in editor looking for template files nor by searching the downloaded .php files on my PC.
    2. If there’s a conflict between the CSS of WP, WC or the Theme I have no idea where to start. Can anyone help to diagnose the fix?

    Many thanks for ANY light shed.


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  • OK there’s no solution. I am de-installing WooCommerce – had so much potential but the codes too messy to make any sense of it.

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