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  • Resolved soadeathdealer


    Ok Im still a bit mad that my org thread got closed for really no reasons so I will post again my question and ask for help .

    here is the org thread for info in case i don’t post all details

    My issue I created attributes such as size ,inner color,outer color and set them to select so its a drop down selection and not text then i put the default sort order as custom ordering . I put the sizes and the colors in the terms of the corresponding attribute.

    I went to my product and edited a product I created and scrolled down to product data and selected variable product . now i clicked the attributes tab and added the size attribute . I then try to add the inner color and even the outer color attributes but nothing happens but i can add a custom product attribute which i don’t need.

    So when I goto Variations tab and I added the size variations but since the color attributes wont add I cant add the colors to the variations tab so right now i’m stuck since I need my products to have the ability to give the customer a choose of size and inner and outer colors but I have yet to get my products this way .

    I thought that maybe the reason I couldn’t get it to work is maybe I needed the pro version but there is none so I thought maybe email and cart plugin needs to be pro for me to get my products the way I need the to be .So really looking for guidance since I do not see a reason for me not being able to add attributes and in turn adding Variations to my product .

    Notes: I tried to contact the creator of WooCommerce but seem i have to pay to get any help which makes no since seeing how WooCommerce is free .

    I did email another guy who says he works with WooCommerce but waiting to hear back from him.

    Please do not post here telling me to contact WooCommerce as you will just irk me since I stated I tried that.

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  • Roy Ho


    I believe I have already resolved this for you. was able to resolve my issue Quickly and gave good detail of the issue. Thanks again

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    What was the solution if you don’t mind me asking? So that it can be shared with the community.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    soadeathdealer – Sorry, the post was closed because it went well off the rails.

    Notes: I tried to contact the creator of WooCommerce but seem i have to pay to get any help which makes no since seeing how WooCommerce is free .

    Yeah if you read the FAQ for the plugin, this is where you can get free help from the community. But the help should stay on the forums, and please not go to email because then no one else gets help (which … defeats the purpose of the community helping, doesn’t it?).

    If possible, would you share the fix so that the community can benefit and the next guy doesn’t have as rough a time as you? We’d apprieciate it 🙂

    Roy Ho


    @andrew Nevins – When they created the attributes, they used a COLON in the slug name which caused an issue. So I removed all the COLONs from the slug name.

    @ipstenu (Mika Epstein)- The post being closed I didn’t think was right since I was looking for help which only caused me to open new thread and repost.

    – Yea sometimes you have to see the problem to fix so kind of have to talk in private to relay website login info ,

    -I always post the fix in these forums tho I just planned to do that today since it was very late last night. and thanks again to Roy

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