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  • Hi all!

    Just wondering if there’s a plugin available that allows you to enter specific product sizes with WooCommerce, instead of merely Small/Large/Medium, etc? It’s for a print website that requires at least 7 sizes in cm to be entered per product.

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  • When you set up your size attribute for the product, instead of small medium and large, simply type the specific sizes for your product. Unless you need to perform calculations with the numbers, I think this might be an option to a plugin.

    Okay, thanks!

    Any way of then linking these sizes to show a page with full descriptions and images of each also?

    There’s a template that you might have to modify. This is the path: wp-content\plugins\woocommerce\templates\single-product\add-to-cart\variable.php

    Create a page for each product size and add a link to that template that takes the user to the full page.

    Excellent! Thanking you. 🙂

    Is there also any way of adding a small image depicting colours via attributes? A smaller version of the following would be ideal, as is on their current site:

    Old site

    Your help is massively appreciated!

    Hi, I’ve come across this great video tutorial on the woocommerce documentation site:

    At about 4.47 mins into the video, it explains how to add an image associated with each color. I hope it helps.

    Brilliant! Best support I’ve received on here to date and thank you.

    However, after switching to a more suitable theme the ‘Sizes’ option in Attributes is now missing and the attributes I’ve added show as mere text in an ‘Additional Information’ menu item sandwiched between ‘Description’ and ‘Reviews’. Any ideas?

    Last question, I promise!

    Thank you, I’m glad it’s been beneficial. The only thing that comes to mind is that the new theme’s installation must have overwritten some of your options. The new theme must have a way of adding back the sizes attribute on the admin panel. If there is good documentation on the theme, you should find something about this, or you might try contacting the theme’s author for support. From what you say the problem seems connected to the new theme’s installation and settings rather than with woocommerce.

    can any of you tell me that how to fetch the size , price and quantity of the products in woo commerce ? like any simple code or scripit ?
    hope you respond and advice !



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    I am now closing this 4 month old topic as it references an older version of WordPress.

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