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    Something weird started happening between yesterday and today. One of my WooCommerce product pages redirects to another page that belongs to a different product. Is this a permalink issue?

    The product page URL is

    But when I go to the above URL, it redirects to (which is an old draft product page that I no longer use).

    I don’t understand why this is happening.

    I have reset my permalinks and cleared my browser cache. I’m not using any caching plugins in WordPress itself. I’ve tried to access the correct page in both Chrome and Firefox browsers and I get the same error. I’ve deactivated all my plugins one-by-one and tested the issue but the error still remains. I also switched to WordPress’s Twenty Fifteen theme and tested the URL, and the error still remained.

    Any ideas?

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  • Got the same issue
    redirect to

    Redirects are usually handled by a hidden file called .htaccess. Is there any code in there that is causing this? If you are unsure, just rename it to take it out of action. Then reset permalinks to create a new one.

    Search _wp_old_slug and delete all, it’ll work fine

    Thanks guys! What teiV suggested worked for me. I deleted all the _wp_old_slug files that were associated with the permalink/slug in question.

    I didn’t know how to do this at first, so I had to do a little research. For those wondering, this is how I did it:

    I went into the WordPress database. I did this by logging into my cPanel and navigating to the “phpMyAdmin” option.

    I was taken to another screen where I saw that I had two databases. My databases where located in a panel on the top left hand side of the page. I selected my WordPress database (the one with “wp” in the name).

    I was then presented with the WordPress tables. From there, I did a search for “_wp_old_slug” and was presented with a list of my old slugs. When you search, make sure you don’t leave out the first underscore in “_wp_old_slug” because that makes a difference.

    In the search results, I selected and deleted the files whose meta_values pertained to the slug in question.

    After deletion, I tested the page in question and it’s back to normal!

    Thanks! This helped me too 🙂

    Take a backup of the database before implementing the above steps.

    Hi there,

    Could you give me some detail on how to remove the old slugs and what specfically to look for? I’m a beginner but I think I can do this with a little more instruction. Thanks!

    @mrs. Johnson
    Try to follow the steps in @krissliss’ post. How far can you get? Which step are you stuck on?

    I’m having the same problem, the only difference is that instead of redirecting to another product, it redirects to 404 Page Not found. In every products of my store

    I’ve updated my permalinks. It still not works.

    I tried to do the solution above but I couldn’t find the tables on phpmy admin.

    The table you are looking for is called:

    Some systems may have a different prefix instead of wp, as a security measure, but the suffix will always be _postmeta.

    Hi Lorro,

    I did it a little different than Kris because I went into phpadmin, found my database, went to the WP-meta table and did a search for the post (product) ID and deleted all the lines that had _wp_old_slug in them and it didn’t work for me. I seem to have three products that are redirecting and I can even type over the URL and it still redirects. Argh!

    I also updated the permalinks in settings by changing, saving and then changing back and resaving.

    Lastly, I deleted the product that was redirecting and reentered it and it still redirects. I also duplicated a similar product to recreate the offending product and the new one redirected it to the one that I duplicated it from. It is a lot of work to enter in a product since it is a variable product which I guess I will try this morning because someone is trying to order the product and it is not working. Would like to find a quicker, alternate fix for the other products. Thanks!

    That doesn’t sound quite right to me. I think you need to be searching for the meta_values that are redirecting, not for the post_id. The wrong meta-values may be for another post_id.

    If you are not too fussed about any customer that may possibly have book-marked an old link to a product, consider deleting all _wp_old_slug values.

    Hi Lorro,

    I think my problem is that I don’t know how to find all those because I’m a beginner, I don’t know how to do a search for that specifically. Ideally it would be best to just fix the offending products and if you can think of a way, that would be great! 🙂

    I would like to add that I think that I’ve figured out a bit of the problem… The products that are having the issues were duplicated; not created from scratch. They are redirecting to the original product that they were duplicated from. The interesting part is that many of my products were duplicated but it is only a small few with the issue.

    This is a real head scratcher!

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