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  • I post here in the hope of getting some response.

    I have recently purchased the Product Import Suite at $100 import 260 products with about 5 variation of each.

    I hate to say this that but this plugin is useless, and your ticketing system for support does not work. Although in fairness when i pushed your panic button, i had response back within a few hours, so thank you, but it still does not work for me.

    I was very excited to start using woo commerce, and have found it a breeze to use, but this plugin is well, frankly no good, especially at $100, infact even if it was free, i would have deleted it by now.

    Following your advice I have allocated now 2GB of RAM to the php script and set the max time out to 12000, and it still only imports about 40 before it hangs.

    I also think your whole principle of having too upload two csv files is also wrong, 1 for the product and one for the variation. I have worked in retail for 20 years, and I have not found one shop that keeps two separate stock lists. If you sell 16gb and 32gb iphone. You have two products and two SKU, with your method you have to have three skus, and each of the phones needs to have two SKU’s attached to the data. IMHO You have just made it far to complicated.

    The variations just dont seem to operate correctly, as a test, I created a product with variation, exported it, and then cleared the variation off the product and tried to import the same document, but it seems to be missing a parent sku?

    I would really like to get this resolved, but so far it would have been quicker, cheaper and far less grief to import them all manually.

    Please can you advice me on how i can obtain a refund?



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  • this isn’t the place to ask for refunds for extensions. You should contact the extension developer. You’ll get a response a lot faster that way.

    The clue is in my first line.

    “I post here in the hope of getting some response”


    I’ve never had any trouble getting a response directly from a plugin developer that created a woocommerce extension I purchased.

    To your question: “Please can you advice me on how i can obtain a refund?”
    Contact the developer of the plugin directly and/or use the panic button.

    In case anyone else gets this here is what i have done.

    After battling for weeks with Woo product import suite, i gave up and needed to find another solution.

    I therefore commissioned a plugin developer to write one for me. I found two issue with woo product import suite.

    1. I was constantly getting a 500 internal server error, it would load about 30-50 products and hang.

    2. The workflow that WPIS wanted the csv format, they wanted 2 files, one for the product and one for the variations. They also wanted the csv file formated to read the data in rows, then colums and even within cells, with the data in cells separated by a pipe |.

    this is whats has happened with my developed plugin so far.

    1. With my new plugin I kept getting 500 internal server errors again DOH. So it was not Woo fault and WPIS that i was getting these errors, but the way my server was set up. So sorry to Woo. This is how i got it fixed. I run a dedicated server with loads of cpu and ram. i changed the php handler from the (default) php handler from fastcgi to dso (dynamic shared object) and it all seems to run. Well my own plugin did anyway. I havent tested WPIS yet, As they kindly refunded my money and I have stopped using it. So if you are using WPIS and keep getting the 500 error, try that.

    2. Will keep you informed on this one, but so far looks easy to use and you just have one file.


    I’ve been using my fork of the free CSV Importer plugin for importing woocommerce products.

    What’s your current workflow for handling variations? I’d like to implement something like that. Also, how does your new plugin handle importing images? I’m looking for usability here, not technical details.


    well iam just at the testing stage at the moment. The guy who is doing this for me has an import plugin here and hes adapting this for me to work with Woo. Its by no means ready, I would say 3-4 days but the workflow is very easy.

    All the product, attributes, image and variation are just on the one csv file, you upload, you select a parent sku that creates a post, and all the woo variations are below, you just drag them over to where you want them. You can save the template, so once you done it once, its all there.

    Its not ready yet, But i have suggested that they add this on to wpallimports to sell. And so far the workflow it is very easy, could be better, but a 1000 times easier that woo’s offering. With WPIS it took me 3 weeks to get nowhere, with this it took me 3 hours (including upload time) to import 600 products, with 1700 variations earlier.

    I haven’t looked at the images much as i have just one image for my product. I just looked and with all the parts you just drag over what you want (image URL) into the image box. Thats it

    I post here with any update.


    my question is what image url are you using? Is it the full image url to the image already in your media library, or is it an image url that you’ve scraped from the manufacturer’s site?

    it can be either. you just add the url to your cvs file, from your media library or scraped

    Well hes done it for me, and all though it might not be as polished as his plugin that the the woo product import suite is built on.

    No server errors, no time outs, simple drag and drop, variation control, attribute control, variation prices, variation images, defaut variations, no complicated meta:XXXX,|101 stuff, any header information you want and BEST of all just one csv file. each row has its own product with all the information in rows and columns that matches up with the main product, not formatting cells with multiple information.

    Send him an email and iam sure he will help.


    Although I have commissioned this work, Iam not on any kick back, i post it here if any other user who wants a powerful yet simple system to import 1000’s of product into woo.


    Hi subrisi,

    From what can i grasp is that you are willing to share your custom plugin, is Yes, can you do so.


    I’d love to give a try on that plugin. I’m geting crazy with the woocommerce one ! ;-(
    any news about it ?

    Hi subrisi,
    You’ve convinced me to give WP All Import a try. I had some isses with Woo product variations and I asked Louis to send me a demo CSV file with product variations in order to properly understand. I was surprise to read from him that he was not sure how variations work in WooCommerce and that I should find out from WooThemes what fields must be set for a product to be considered a variation.
    I would really apreciate If you could give me a hint how to proceed.
    Kind regards


    how can i get in touch, do you have a url?


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    If you require the help of a professional, consider posting in .

    I’m in the same situation with this whole product variation thing. I paid $100 for the premium CSV importer and have spent countless hours to get it working. It’s not.

    I found email threads with the plug-in developer and wrote to him for help which is how he helped others in the thread.

    Instead of resolution like everyone in the thread connected to the free version of the plug-in got, he directed me back to Woocommerce to get their help. I’m at a loss as to why he’d do that – he is the developer after all. I even offered to pay for his time because it’s costing me so much money not being able to sell on my site. Still nothing.

    Wish me luck with getting a refund. Thanks for the suggestion above for another CSV Importer – will check it out.

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