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  • I am by no means an expert in WP or Web design. I picked it up as a hobby and I’m slowly playing catch up!

    With that said, I’m currently building a website using the Customizr theme and WooCommerce, and up until now, I have not had problems styling my pages, and configuring changes.

    However, I’ve recently completed my products page with categories linked to the /shop/ page of my site, but once you click on a category, it goes to /product-category/ using the default template that I cannot change. Normally, when you create a new page in WP, you can specify the exact page layout you want (I DO NOT have the “force global layout” option checked), but how do you set the layout of this “product-category” page?

    All your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  • anyone? please?

    I have the same requirement and I’ve tried working on ‘/wp-content/themes/my-theme/woocommerce/taxonomy-product_cat.php’ (within my theme) and also within plugin directly /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/taxonomy-product_cat.php but neither of them worked at all.

    Any idea why I don’t see this page in pages list?

    I don’t see product category pages under all pages as well.

    Pages like this:

    Have you found any solution?


    Hey Zetian,

    Try creating a archive-product.php file withing the theme templates.

    I usually copy the one that is in the woocommerce folder and add a span with “test” text to the one I create so I can see it’s working.

    Good luck.

    Doesn’t look like this question has been solved…. In the latest version of WordPress you can define the slug under Settings > Permalinks

    There are optional settings in there which will allow you to customize the “Product category base”, by default it is /product-category/

    You can update it to whatever you please! Hope that helps!

    jmwebdesign please help me from start to finish! This all new to me. I have built my site and shop and simply want to be able to have pages in the shop by product category, preferably clickable from a list or drop down on the base shop page. How do I go about this and please can you explain each step? I hope you have the time to help. Thanks.

    @bjdyke – if you need help with WooCommerce, I’d suggest posting in the WooCommerce forum here:

    There’s also lots of good info here:

    Note that creating your own topic/thread is the better way to get help on these forums –

    The product category page calls in all products in that category and displays them similar to the base shop page.

    The templates can be found in the WooCommerce plugin directory. See for instructions on how to override WooCommerce templates.



    I have the same issue and none of the options offered here actually address how to assign a page attribute / page template that is theme specific when using woocommerce.

    For example, if I change the permalinks for the product and use /shop/ rather than /product/, I am still unable to specify which of my theme page templates to use. It automatically uses the default page template from my theme.

    For example, I don’t want any sidebars when showing any products. I have a page template that is specifically full-width, which works perfectly when I create a regular old page. I even went so far as to create a page called Product, selected the full-width template to use, but was unable to get my product-category to use the full-width template.

    I have checked over the links for woocommerce template structures but they don’t seem to address this very specific point addresses by the original poster. That link refers to the templates within woocommerce. Where does it address which theme template that woocommerce uses?



    same problem here



    @hashsalacop – as posted above:
    For help with WooCommerce, you need to post in the WooCommerce forum here:

    There’s also lots of good info here:



    @chezsheles – you also need to start your own thread in the correct forum if you need help.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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