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    I’ve added some Product Attributes and then I created an ‘Variable Product’ and added the product attributes to this product.

    Everything seem to work looking at the pricing, but my problem is the order in which the attributes are displayed. I use the attribute for the amount of products, so I want to have them ordered:

    But what shows up ( up are the attributes in order they’re also on the Attribute page. I have ‘drag and dropped’ them in the right order on the product page, but that don’t seem to work.

    Is there anyone who can help? Thanks in advance!

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  • Never mind, I just found out that on the Product Category page you can drag and drop to order the attributes.

    Hi zulderwijk, I’m having same problem with you.
    On single product edit backend, whenever i arrange the sequence of Attributes correctly, within refresh it’s not following order again.



    What you do at the single product doesn’t seem to change the order. So you need to go to the latest submenu under Products. (I have a Dutch translation, so I don’t know exactly what it is called in English).

    When you change the order over there you should see it change. So if you need to make an execption for one (or more) specific product, then you need to create a new category on that page. Not ideal.

    to my understanding, i need to to go Products-Attributes page
    and register the attributes there in order?

    Product Category page, yes i can drag and drop but attributes are not 🙁

    thank you for your help

    Damn translated WordPress… 🙂

    The url of the page I was referring to is:


    The part with ‘aantal-speciale-cupcakes’ is the name of the category I was editing. On that page i can drag and drop the order.

    LOL, alright it seems you’re sorting by categories while I’m trying to sort by attribute of variable products 🙂



    I have 2 pages of attributes for size variations. They are all over the board in order. How can I get them to reorder to make sense? The client added them and added products, so I can’t just go in and redo them.

    Click ‘Screen options’ in the right top corner of the screen, and input say 100 instead of 20 items per page. Click ‘Apply’.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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