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  • Plugin Author Matt Lowe


    Hi mineralman,

    The plugin is tested with WooCommerce and there’s no conflict; I have even built e-commerce sites for customers that use Squelch Tabs & Accordions Shortcodes and WooCommerce. Something else is going wrong, can you supply a link?

    Hi Matt

    I turned WooCommerce back on and the tabs broke on the HomePage. I have not set up WooCommerce except to identify countries and currencies and allow it to create needed pages with auto setup.

    Plugin Author Matt Lowe


    The JavaScript errors on the page relate to WooCommerce, not to Squelch TAAS. Try activating a default theme and disabling all plugins except for WooCommerce & Squelch TAAS, I think you should find no problems at that point.

    If you’re still having issues then I need to know about it because the plugin should be 100% compatible. But I develop the theme against Twentytwelve (and Twentythirteen now that it’s out) with WooCommerce installed and activated and I’ve never had a conflict. If I did it would be dealt with (assuming it can be) simply because I need the plugin to work well with WooCommerce.

    My theme, WooCommerce, and Tabs.. All other plugins are disabled.

    Still have a conflict.

    If it is between my theme, woo, and you…. Woo or you lose that battle. Not giving up the theme for tabs.

    Plugin Author Matt Lowe


    Hi again. I’ve just taken a look at your site and it seemed to be working so I assume WooCommerce is disabled for the moment? You did however have a JS error on the page which appeared to be being caused by some code to create tooltips on images: It was attempting to find the alt attribute and then using it without checking for it being defined. That might have been part of your problem at least.

    Unfortunately your website is now just displaying “error” when I visit it, so I can’t do any further investigation at the moment.

    I went ahead and disabled everything except WooCommerce and Tabs.

    Take a look if you have a chance. If there is a way to get past this I am all for looking into it.

    Plugin Author Matt Lowe


    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 406 (Not Acceptable)

    I think that right there is your issue. The next error is from WooCommerce, it tries to use .cookie but it doesn’t exist. The question is why is your server not happy to serve that file?

    Plugin Author Matt Lowe


    Are you running mod_security? That would be the most likely reason for that file being blocked by the web server.

    Ok, now I am in beyond my depth. Whats my move here? Ask the hosting company about this? I absolutely have no problem giving you access if you would like.

    Reading about mod security now. InmmotionHosting does use it, thats my hosting company

    I have disabled mod_security for the site

    Plugin Author Matt Lowe


    It’s still failing to load. I’d check with the web host if I were you, ask them why that file is failing to load.

    Took awhile but all plugins are active and tabs is working! Its the start of a beautiful day

    @mineralman: what did the trick? I’m experiencing similar problems..



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    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

    To be honest it was never “Fixed”

    The solution was to disable mod_security for the site. That fixed the problem. I wasn’t to keen on that idea so I created a subdomain – and run WooCommerce there.

    mod_security was enabled in the sub domain so… it had to be a conflict with probably my theme.

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