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  • I would love to use this plugin but it seems to be in total conflict with WooCommerce. I was locked out of logging into the the WordPress admin when WooCommerce option “Force SSL Checkout” was selected and had HTTPS plugin ctivated. Had to go in manually and delete HTTPS to get back in. I deselected “Force SSL Checkout” and reactivated HTTPS but then the whole admin panel switched to text only making it almost impossible to use. I suppose that HTTPS by default creates a secure admin area but then blocks any insecure items which is almost about everything that isn’t just text. Again deleting HTTPS seemed to be the only solution.

    Unfortunately, selecting Force SSL Checkout in WooCommerce seems to create an endless loop of redirects to that page. Their support team said it was a conflict with HTTPS but since I deleted this that is not true. But I am only able to use checkout if not all SSL is disabled.

    Any ideas what I could try here?

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  • OF if anyone wants to know, I discovered that the site is hosted by Network Solutions and the way NS handles SSL conflicts with WooCommerce

    Hi TSemmes. It seems I am in the exact predicament you were in with NS, WooCommerce, and attempting to secure the checkout process.

    I’ve attemted .htaccess, WordPress https plugin, force ssl via WooCommerce, all to no avail.

    Did you ever come across a solution? I would be much interested to see what you ended up doing.

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    The only solution was to move our site to a new webhost. I recommend Bluehost that fully supports WordPress and WooCommerce and has good tech support.

    Incredible…. I have been simply appalled, by my experience with Network Solutions. My client has been with them for years, and of course wanted to stay with them……

    Their whole interface is horrendous. Not to mention, I literally have to use Firefox to use any of their dashboards. A WEB hosting company? With browser compatibility issues on their own user interface?! Really?

    I’ve used multiple other hosting providers and never once had any of the issues I’ve had with them. EXTREMELY slow response/loading times, on the exact same files I moved over from my development “economy” hosting elsewhere (this is on Network Solutions “Professional” package).

    Wow…. Well TSemmes, as much as I hope you are wrong (it sounds like you’ve been well down this path), I guess I better start thinking about migrating the site to a more worthy hosting provider.

    The issue is, we just purchased a new hosting plan and ssl certificate through Network Solutions…..

    Thanks again…. 🙂

    Even before we had problems with WooCommerce, the site ran extremely slow. Even on non WordPress pages. I lost all faith with them when they didn’t the only work with HTTPS via proxy. Not sure exactly what that means but it seems somewhat deceptive.
    It can’t be that expensive to move. Usually you can get a prorated discount if you cancel your contract.
    I just heard of a webhost that specializes in WordPress. It is more expensive but guarantees super fast speeds and high security. Might be worth looking into.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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