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    From the above address to place order only results in a message that the page wouldn’t load, I’m guessing from an infinite loop.

    I’ve looked at the very very scant help for others who have gotten this error and gotten nowhere. And I admit some of the things people are saying is way WAY over my head. You see, folks like me use WordPress plugins because our career tracks took us away from learning code and more towards learning how to handle civil government and drawing comic books. -_- I’m very VERY frustrated right now and glad I’m only trying Woocommerce and haven’t paid for any parts yet at all.

    So can anyone help with this?

    I have secure checkout unlocked. Can’t afford it anyway.
    I tried to increase memory amount in my WordPress settings php but 1. I’m not even sure I put it in the right place and 2. the settings page wasn’t what the tutorial said it would be so I’m thinking the ability to do that is disabled.

    My theme was a free one and I can’t afford any of the fancy ones to change themes and see if that works. The basic non-Woocommerce themes wouldn’t show any of the products so I’m pretty sure I gotta stick to a Woocommerce theme. Sorry about that.

    I wanted to turn this shop into a multi-vender site (long story involving people asking me for help) but I can’t even get it set up for a personal shop for myself. Any help would be very appreciated. Just please, don’t throw code at me I beg of you. I’ll be happy to draw you a picture of a swan, but the code thing I can only do with a severe limp. 🙂 Thank you.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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