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  • Roy Ho


    What do you mean by disabled? Can you not click into the input field?


    Yes, the input box is disabled and I cannot click in it. Here is a screenshot.


    Roy Ho


    Mine looks exactly like that too but I can click in no problem.

    Are you using version 2.0.14

    Did you buy any extensions, I tried to buy the Paypal Express to see if that fixed the problem?

    Roy Ho


    No you don’t have to. Paypal standard comes by default with WC plugin. I am using latest WC version. I would suggest you turn off all other plugins and re-test.

    I guess I will try that, I was hoping not too.


    Nope, that didn’t work, Paypal Standard email stayed grey as I disabled plugins. Nothing is bombing out so I don’t think its a plugin conflict.

    Even tried disabling every plugin I have and then enabling Woocommerce, still no luck.

    Roy Ho


    Try even switching your theme to 2012 theme.

    That’s too scary, I’d rather punt. The site is large, in active use, and has about 20 plugins.

    Thanks for your help. Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow when there’s been a backup. I updated a lot of things and cleaned up some when I went through the plugins.

    All right:

    The input boxes are not working in Firefox primarily. Its seems these admin page input boxes only work with IE. I did look at the html under the hood and it looked pretty modern, maybe a little too modern for me. Also tried another ecommercce plugin and had a similar issue which lead me to try a different browser.

    Incompatible input boxes (&^%$#^^). Nice way too spend a weekend.

    Solution: try another browser.

    Roy Ho


    Sorry to tell you that this is specific to your site. I have no issues in any browsers on my sites…So I suggest you start another test site from scratch without any plugins/3rd party theme and test again.

    You know, I am not going buy that. It’s WordPress so there are conflicts and such, that’s why you deactivate things and override functions.

    Apparently in all my toying, the problem worked itself out. I am not sure whether it was a browser issue or a WordPress conflict. As I write this, I am leaning towards a Firefox/Windows issue.

    Trying another browser would have saved me an afternoon. I have actually never seen an input box act like that.

    Thanks for your help.

    Willy —

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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