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  • Hi all,
    I have a website I am currently developing but have hit a snag with Woo Commerce. The problem is WordPress more specifically Woo Commerce is cropping the height of my image on my product page. I found the php where this is outlined and changed it but the viewing page is staying with the same cropped image of 280 x231 rather than 280 x280.
    My change was made as outlined in the code below but the image is still cropped. I regenerated my images too but no change happened.
    here is the code:

    <div class="images">
    <a title="Hula Rock’er" href="http://localhost:8888/chill/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Rock_Hula.png">
    <img width="280" height="280" alt="Hula Rock’er" src="http://localhost:8888/chill/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Rock_Hula-280x231.png">

    It indicates that my image is now 280x 280 but the actual image is still 280 x231. Is this conversion of image size happening somewhere else in woo Commerce? I found the original code in product-images.php as outlined below. Here I changed the 231 to 280 but had to do it to the original file as my child version didn’t give me the numbered area to change.

    <div class="images">
    	$thumb = '';
    	$width = (int) apply_filters( 'et_single_product_image_width', 280 );
    	$height = (int) apply_filters( 'et_single_product_image_height', 280 );
    	$classtext = '';
    	$titletext = get_the_title();
    	$thumbnail = get_thumbnail( $width, $height, $classtext, $titletext, $titletext, true, 'SingleProductImage' );
    	$thumb = $thumbnail["thumb"];

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