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  • Hello all!

    setup: Woocommerce w/ Zwoom magnifier plugin // Organic Themes ‘Shop’

    problem: product thumbnails don’t keep the default dimensions (100x100px). I ‘ve double-checked the default thumbnail sizes both in WordPress media settings, in Woocommerce catalog settings, even in the functions.php (theme functions). Also, as mentioned in the forums, I have re-generated thumbnails using the plugin.

    result: thumbnail is generated at the right size, but, after a few secs, thumb is automatically being scaled-up(zoomed), blurred, and put inside a thumb ‘carousel’ slideshow…

    example: you can see it here

    conclusion: I believe it is either a conflict with the zoom magnifyer or a conflict between the theme and woocommerce…

    Is there a way to fix this by de-activating something via php?
    Or by writing some css?

    Please, help!
    Thank you

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  • Hello again,

    i de-activated zwoom magnifier plugin and installed yith woocommerce magnifier and the thumbnail problem was resolved…but not totally!!

    now i have a working thumbnail gallery, a working product zoom image but the woocommerce lightbox stopped working even if it is ticked in the woocommerce settings.

    is there a way to solve this, having both yith magnifier zoom on hover and woocommerce lightbox on click?

    see it here

    Thanks in advance!



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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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