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  • Hi,

    I use the plugin Order/Customer CSV Export for woocommerce to export orders in .csv. For some months ago the plugin works without problems.

    Now I want export some datas and click on the export submit button. After that I landing on the woocommerce cart and don’t get the file.

    Have you some great ideas for me?

    ### Umgebung ###



    WooCommerce Version: 2.0.12

    WooCommerce Datenbank-Version:2.0.12

    WordPress Version: WP 3.5.2

    Webserver Information: Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) mod_python/3.3.1 Python/2.5.2 mod_ssl/2.2.9 OpenSSL/0.9.8g mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.10.0

    PHP Version: 5.2.6-1+lenny16

    MySQL Version: 5.0.51a-24+lenny5

    WordPress PHP-Memory Limit:256 MB

    WordPress Debug-Modus: Nein

    WordPress max. Hochladen-Größe:128 MB

    PHP Post Max Size: 128 MB

    PHP Zeitlimit: 60

    WooCommerce-Protokoll: Protokollverzeichnis ist beschreibbar.

    fsockopen / cURL:Ihr Webserver hat fsockopen und cURL aktiviert.

    SOAP Client: Ihr Webserver hat die SOAP Client Klasse aktiviert.

    WP Remote Post: wp_remote_post() war erfolgreich – PayPal IPN funktioniert.

    ### Plugins ###

    Installierte Plugins: Affiliates Pro von itthinx Version 2.4.0, Affiliates WooCommerce Integration von itthinx Version 1.3.4, Antispam Bee von Sergej Müller Version 2.5.7, Better WordPress Minify von Khang Minh Version 1.2.2, Cachify von Sergej Müller Version 2.0.6, Google XML Sitemaps von Arne Brachhold Version 3.2.9, Novalnet Payment Extension for Woocommerce von Author’s name Version 1.0.2, Optimus von Sergej Müller Version 1.1.4, PHP Text Widget von Stefano Lissa Version 1.0.3, TablePress von Tobias Bäthge Version 1.0, User Role Editor von Vladimir Garagulya Version 4.1, Checkout Field Manager for WooCommerce von 61 Extensions Version 1.0.21, WooCommerce Custom Status von Garman Technical Services Version 1.0, WooCommerce CSV Export von Ilari Mäkelä Version 2.0.2, WooCommerce – Sofort Gateway Integration von BP Shop Dev Team Version 1.1.4 – 1.1.3 is available, PDF Invoices and Packing Slips for WooCommerce von Sixty-One Designs, Inc. Version 1.1.16, WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form von WooThemes Version 1.1.1 – 1.1.2 is available, WooCommerce Shipment Tracking von Mike Jolley Version 1.1.5 – 1.1.6 is available, WooCommerce von WooThemes Inc. (Südafrika) Version 2.0.12, WP-Memory-Usage von Alex Rabe Version 1.2.1, wpSEO von Sergej Müller Version 3.0.7

    ### Einstellungen ###

    SSL erzwingen: Ja

    ### WooCommerce Seiten ###

    Shop-Basis: #9 – /shop/

    Warenkorb: #5423 – /warenkorb/

    Bezahlvorgang (Zur Kasse):#5426 – /kasse/

    Bezahlen: #5428 – /kasse/bezahlen/

    Danke: #5430 – /kasse/auftrag-eingegangen/

    Mein Benutzerkonto: #5432 – /mein-konto/

    Anschrift bearbeiten: #5434 – /mein-konto/adresse-bearbeiten/

    Bestellung anzeigen: #5436 – /mein-konto/bestellung-ansehen/

    Passwort ändern: #5438 – /mein-konto/passwort-aendern/

    Passwort verloren: #8369 – /mein-konto/passwort-vergessen/

    ### WooCommerce Taxonomien ###

    Bestellstatus: cancelled (cancelled), completed (completed), failed (failed), in Reparatur (in-reparatur), on-hold (on-hold), Paket angekommen (paket-angekommen), Paket angekommen warte auf Geld (paket-angekommen-warte-auf-geld), pending (pending), processing (processing), refunded (refunded), Wartet auf KVA-Antwort (wartet-auf-kva-antwort)

    Produkttypen: external (external), grouped (grouped), simple (simple), variable (variable)

    ### Templates ###

    Template-Überschreibungen (Overrides):/woocommerce/content-product_cat.php, /woocommerce/emails/admin-new-order.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-completed-order.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-invoice.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-new-account.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-note.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-processing-order.php, /woocommerce/emails/customer-reset-password.php, /woocommerce/emails/email-addresses.php, /woocommerce/emails/email-footer.php, /woocommerce/emails/email-header.php, /woocommerce/emails/email-order-items.php, /woocommerce/emails/plain/admin-new-order.php, /woocommerce/emails/plain/customer-completed-order.php, /woocommerce/emails/plain/customer-invoice.php, /woocommerce/emails/plain/customer-new-account.php, /woocommerce/emails/plain/customer-note.php, /woocommerce/emails/plain/customer-processing-order.php, /woocommerce/emails/plain/customer-reset-password.php, /woocommerce/emails/plain/email-addresses.php, /woocommerce/emails/plain/email-order-items.php, /woocommerce/single-product/tabs/description.php

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