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    Hi There,

    After the latest update Woocommerce stopped sending any emails (new order, processed order, etc) – neither to admin nor customers. I am using Postman SMTP. The emails are not logged, however, the setttings are OK and all the emails are activated. WordPress still sends emails from other plugins without any problems (Contact Form, etc). When I rollback Woocommerce to the older version, emails start sending again. Please help.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    The cron jobs are not there. It should be something like woocommerce_send_queued_transactional_email. As soon as an order comes in, viewing the cron list should have that. Tested locally, it’s fine.

    Is your server using UTC timezone? System status report should say.

    As I have already written, woocommerce_send_queued_transactional_email are not listed there with the updated version. Tested both locally and live, not working.

    Our server is using UTC.

    The previous version is totally OK, no problem. Another user has also reported this bug (see above). I can send you login data so that you could see the bug on my server.

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    Same issue here for my site, is there any way to fix that now?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I said the previous version does not use CRON. woocommerce_send_queued_transactional_email are not listed there at all times, only when an email is queued (after ordering). Thats why you need to submit a new order to check this.

    I use the newsletter plugin and BackWPup and both use cron and are working fine.
    You are sure the problem is the cron?

    If it’s Cron as you state, can you please give us precise instructions what we should do to make Woocommerce send emails automaticlly?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Submit new order
    Look at debug bar cron
    Confirm woocommerce_send_queued_transactional_email events are logged

    But they are not logged. I’ve done that already.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Logged in debug bar cron I mean -right after order submission. Not mail log.

    Yes, they were logged when I submitted the new order:
    2017-04-05 10:21:31
    10 hours ago woocommerce_send_queued_transactional_email Single Event Single Event filter => woocommerce_order_status_pending_to_on-hold
    args => array(

    What should I do next?

    I’m experiencing the same issue. I noticed that if I run manually in the browser, it will run the scheduled tasks and my emails get sent out.

    So as an option, I could setup a cron job on my server to hit this URL every 5 minutes.

    What I’m wondering though – any reason why these tasks get clogged up and don’t run on periodic user page loads like they should? Could that be some sort of server issue I have to modify?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    It may be caching. I’m working on something in 3.0.1 to a) use a different background process in addition to cron, and b) add a filter so you can easily revert to the old method of sending things. This update will be out soon.

    Updated to 3.0.1. This bug still persists, can confirm that plugin still not sending emails. Is there any step-by-step workaround?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    add_filter( 'woocommerce_defer_transactional_emails', '__return_false' );

    Add that to theme functions. It will send them without a delay. If they do not send after this, it’s unrelated problem so you’ll need to look at error logs for plugin conflicts, and install a mail logging plugin.

    Thanks Mike! It works.

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