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    Right out of the box, while most things seems to be working, the price slider, and the Layered Nav Widget, and the List sorting do not work.

    I did not do a more thorough testing, although, I was able to buy an item, and create (register a new customer).

    Woocommerce IS the best e-commerce solution for WP, and is backed by a serious company, so it’s shocking to me that they were not ready for WP 3.5 on time. Just shocking… I had converted from Opencart for Woocommerce, and until this is fixed, I will either be stuck with WP 2.4.2, or go back to opencart, neither ideal for me.

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  • Dear nick6352683,

    Actually i dont know which plugging is creating this problem,

    but b4 updating WP, it was(WC checkout) working perfectly.

    might b there is some problem in “register-plus” after updation.


    Were can i find the new jquery files?



    Click on the Quick Downloads-> “Stable” button to get v1.9.2. I already describes before what to do…

    Yes, I could see that I just needed the link! Thank you very much! 🙂

    Damn, that didn’t work for my variation problems….

    anyone else have any idea?

    I have restored my site to previous version

    Now working perfectly….

    @ kalby: The Variations working fine here.

    – Make sure you replaced the correct files
    – Clear your browsers cache after that.
    – To test if you replaced the correct files, look if the list sorting is working as well as the filtering widgets.
    – Once you do all the above go ahead and set the variations again. It should be fixed.

    – If you are still having problems, disable all the plugins (except WC of course), activate the twenty-twelve theme, and try again. Then keep adding one plugin at a time and see in between if everything is working. This is the only way (that I know of) to figure out wth is going on.

    Anyway, I’m in Los Angeles, and it’s 3:24am here. I’m signing off until late tomorrow morning. Good luck…

    Are we ever going to hear anything from Woothemes? They are quickly losing all credibility here. Anything… “We know all about the problems, and we are working on it, even though we knew this day would come since August, but we chose to do nothing, just to keep you awake!”

    Plugin Author James Koster


    Hey guys,

    We are aware of these issues and are working on a patch which we hope to release imminently.

    @nick6352683: A couple of tips for the future:

    1. When you find an issue like this please notify us directly rather than posting here. Report an issue on github, contact us via email or tweet us. We get notifications for all of those channels so you’ll get a much faster response. Then, use this forum to discuss temporary solutions with the community.
    2. Secondly, if your store cannot afford any downtime (which is typically the case for eCommerce sites), do not ever just click the upgrade button as soon as you see it. This is a recipe for disaster regardless of the software you’re using. Set up a staging area to test WordPress and/or WooCommerce updates before going live and even ask us if there are any known issues. You will potentially save yourself a whole load of hurt.

    After update to wp 3.5 i’m getting the following message after ordering something on my webshop:


    Actie niet gelukt. Ververs de pagina en probeer opnieuw.<\/li>\n\t\t\t
    Sorry, uw sessie is verlopen. Keer terug naar de homepage →<\/a><\/li>\n\t\t\t
    Voornaam<\/strong> is een verplicht veld.<\/li>\n\t\t\t
    Achternaam<\/strong> is een verplicht veld.<\/li>\n\t\t\t
    Adres<\/strong> is een verplicht veld.<\/li>\n\t\t\t
    Postcode<\/strong> is een verplicht veld.<\/li>\n\t\t\t
    Stad<\/strong> is een verplicht veld.<\/li>\n\t\t\t
    Land<\/strong> is een verplicht veld.<\/li>\n\t\t\t
    E-mailadres<\/strong> is een verplicht veld.<\/li>\n\t\t\t
    Telefoon<\/strong> is een verplicht veld.<\/li>\n\t\t\t
    U dient akkoord gaan onze Algemene Voorwaarden.<\/li>\n\t<\/ul>”,”refresh”:”false”}

    What can i do about that?

    The new version of WooCommerce is now available and should fix all issues you are having while using it with WordPress 3.5.

    WooCommerce 1.6.6:

    sexysusie: Your issue is not a bug in WooCommerce, but we have made some improvements on preventing that behaviour, so please test it in 1.6.6 as well.

    Thanks for the fast action on this, I really appreciate it.

    I update woocommerce but i still have the same problem 🙁

    sexysusie: You should deactivate all plugins and revert to Twenty Eleven as theme, see if the issue is still there. If so, it is not a WooCommerce related issue. Then start activating everything again one by one and test after every activation. If you know what plugin or theme is causing this issue and contact the author.

    If it is a WooThemes product, contact us here:

    I tried everything you said but i still have this problem!!

    Don’t know what to do now.

    Oh i feel so stupid!!

    In the settings from woocommerce i missed to set the thanks page!!
    Now the problem is solved.

    It’s so simple!! stupid me!

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