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    Right out of the box, while most things seems to be working, the price slider, and the Layered Nav Widget, and the List sorting do not work.

    I did not do a more thorough testing, although, I was able to buy an item, and create (register a new customer).

    Woocommerce IS the best e-commerce solution for WP, and is backed by a serious company, so it’s shocking to me that they were not ready for WP 3.5 on time. Just shocking… I had converted from Opencart for Woocommerce, and until this is fixed, I will either be stuck with WP 2.4.2, or go back to opencart, neither ideal for me.

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  • Good to know. I was considering upgrading to 3.5.

    What issues are you seeing, btw?

    No kidding…I updated to 3.5 and was surprised to find that product variations no longer work. How does Woo let that happen?

    Hi, I went thought this issue right now. The issue with the nav and slider is because WordPress upgraded the jquery libraries while woocommerce still has something older.
    I’ve fastly fixed the issue manually upgrading the jquery in woocommerce too. But if you can, do not upgrade to 3.5

    Too late for not upgrading… and thanks for the info. I will try to locate and manually update the jquery in Woocommerce. Will the product variations work after the manual fix?

    Thanks again guys,and it’s good to know, it was Woocommerce’s fault and not mine !

    A quick update…

    iwkse was correct, at least it seems to be the case so far. I did not do a thorough testing yet, and I did not test any Woocommerce plugins either. I will do that later on tonight.

    – So after I replaced the jquery library files (2 files to be exact), in the Woocommerce plugin folder, the list sorting and the filter widgets started working right away.

    – I originally had a problem with the product variations, but it seems that that is working now too. So after changing some variation combos for a product, on the web site the variations were not showing up. After checking with the backsite again, I noticed that all the variations for that product had been reset to null values. This could have been because the old jquery files were still in my browser’s cache. A quick Ctrl+F5, and rebuilding of the variations fixed that problem.

    Obviously I will need to throw everything I can imagine to this setup, plus testing all the woocommerce related plugins (extensions) to make sure that this was the only problem.

    If you guys don’t here from me again here, it means that I could not detect any other problems.

    Last notes. Always backup everything before updating anything, whether it’s the core, or any plugin. Run a cloned version on a dev. server if you have to, and test things there initially, and never on a live WORKING site.

    What files did you replace?

    showing error at the time of checkout…

    “Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in E:\wamp\www\wp-content\plugins\register-plus\register-plus.php on line 1634 and defined in E:\wamp\www\wp-includes\wp-db.php on line 990”

    m using wamp server.

    @jkwalz: The files are located in the folder ../wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/assets/js.

    The files that I replaced are jquery-ui.js, and jquery-ui.min.js.

    When you download the new jquery files, their file names also contain the version number. You need to rename them to match with the ones from your installation. Note that there are also 2 other jquery files, that I don’t know what they are yet… As I said before, I will do a thorough testing tonight and tomorrow, and report any additional issues.

    Confirmed that replacing the Jquery UI files is working. Another issue i runned into is when i’m trying to trash an order (or delete it) it just ends up with a blansk page. Reloading the page shows ”Error when trying to empty the trash” (or something like that).

    However, the order get’s trashed.

    @ Anderton. Cannot confirm that. I can delete orders just fine. Look for plugin conflicts. Deactivate all not Woocommerce related plugins, and try again – if succesful, try adding them one by one while testing the order deletion.

    Also, it could be your theme too. Try with twenty-twelve if you have too. In my case the themes that I use are Artisteer themes that I create, and convert them manually to be compatible with Woocommerce (it only takes 30 seconds or so).

    Any one facing this error?

    showing error at the time of checkout…

    “Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in E:\wamp\www\wp-content\plugins\register-plus\register-plus.php on line 1634 and defined in E:\wamp\www\wp-includes\wp-db.php on line 990”

    m using wamp server.


    i found solution..

    after disabling “register-plus” plugging its working perfectly..

    also can any one upload snapshot of “variations” related bug?

    and suggest good plugging for customized user registration….

    thanks in advance…

    @ chetan0412: Can you point to the location of the “register-plus” plugin to see what you are looking for in such a plugin? I’m asking this because Woocommerce has a descent registration process. You can even configure it to not allow your registered subscribers (customers) to access the dashboard. I never needed a plugin for registrations…

    dear nick6352683,

    right now “register-plus” is not appearing on WP plugging site. also author site “” redirecting on WP site , i dont know why..

    can u tell me how to customize registration form in WC.

    See below link, i need this type of registration form.

    I see, you need some additional fields during the registration. I don’t have an answer for a similar plugin, although I might need to find one for myself… looks useful tool to have.

    The only way to customize the WC registration process, without any code change, is to go in the backsite, and go to the WC settings: WooCommerce->Settings->General Tab, and look for the section in the page labeled “Checkout and Accounts” – “Registration”, and “Customer Accounts”. All new registrations of course will be shown in the WP users list and they are going to be labeled as paying customers as soon as they purchase something and they pay for it.

    For the time being I guess until you find another plugin that will do the work for you, is to use a form to request the additional info., and paste it in the users Bio. info.

    If you feel adventurous, I guess, you can create custom posts, and new taxonomies and custom fields to hold the info., but that might be a bit frustrating to figure things out… You will be better off with a working plugin. Who knows, may be in a few days, either that plugins author will update, or WC will update and everything will be solved.

    One last question: Is the “register-plus” having problems in general, or just with WC? I’m asking this because if WC updates (and they have to at this point), all your problems could be solved then.

    WP is great, but somehow not being backwards compatible every single time, creates such problems. I spend 75% of my time, finding the right working plugins combo, only to start researching and testing all over again, in 3-4 months when the next version comes out! There must be a better way, and no, Joomla or Drupal are not options. My customers can barely understand how WP works, they would toss me out the window of a 10 story building and I showed them something more difficult – to do the same thing!

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