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  • My WooCommerce tax is not calculating for state codes other than Florida. I imported tax rates for all US states. I have made sure that all WooCommerce settings are correct using various tutorials, and I have checked forum support sources online and have found similar issues but no solution for my problem.

    This is what happens during testing of my shop. I select an item from my shop to add to cart, then view in cart, then proceed to checkout. On the checkout screen I fill in billing information for a Florida customer and the tax is calculated and displayed correctly in the cart. When I change the billing information to a Delaware customer, or any other state, no tax is calculated and displayed. When I switch back to Florida customer billing, the tax is calculated.

    What am I missing in the setup?

    General Options:
    Base Location – US-Florida
    Selling locations – Sell to specific countries
    Sell to specific countries – US
    Shipping location(s) – Ship to all countries you sell to
    Default customer location – Shop base address
    Enable taxes and tax calculations, checked

    Tax Options:
    Prices Entered with Tax – No, I will enter prices exclusive of tax
    Calculate Tax based on – Customer billing address
    Shipping Tax Class – Standard
    Rounding – not checked
    Additional Tax Classes – None
    Display Taxes in the Shop – Excluding tax
    Display prices during cart and checkout – Excluding tax
    Display Tax Totals – itemized

    Products set as taxable, tax class is Standard.

    I verified that the WooCommerce database tables are all correct based on forum information.

    I am using the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.

    WordPress 4.8 running Bistro ( theme.

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  • Please could you post a screenshot of your standard rates table.

    I’m new to the forum. How do I add a screenshot to the topic response?

    Nevermind…I figured it out. Have to copy screenshot images to website hosting directory, then use “img” option to point to URL for images in the folder.

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    Here is the taxrate table and other settings:

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    I’m not from the US but what I’ve been told is that in the US, if a business has a physical presence in a state (eg. a shop, warehouse or representative) it is said to have nexus.

    And that US tax rules require tax to be collected if the customer shipping address is in a state where the business has nexus. The amount of tax collected would be relevant to the nexus state, so each nexus state needs to have its own line in the tax rates table.

    So I presume your tax policy is that each nexus state pays their relevant state tax and the rest of the US and world pays no tax. If this is wrong, please advise.

    I can’t see the whole table but my first thoughts are if all zips in a state pay the same tax there should be just the wildcard * in the zip field. If not, list the zips that pay tax first, and all the 0% zips lumped together in a last line with * in the zip field.

    So the standard rates table should have 1 line per nexus state with the appropriate state tax. If there is no nexus and therefore no tax, there is no line for that state.

    Then there should be one last line with 4 * s and 0% tax to catch everyone else.

    If you leave the zips in, it should work providing the customer enters their zip to an exact match, but if all zips pay the same that just complicates it and there is no need for a zip per line.

    Thanks for the responses. I read about the Nexus law and I was able to figure out why Florida is the only state that taxes are being calculated for. Apparently, according to Nexus guidelines, since the business which is selling products only resides in Florida, the cart only calculates taxes for customers with billing addresses residing in Florida. Since the business selling the products currently does not physically reside in states other than Florida, no taxes are calculated for customers with billing addresses outside of Florida. So, my tax rate table is okay.

    I too struggling to get my tax to display. However, when I finally got it to display, tax was calculated before my state was entered. My resolutions is if you (designer or owner of online store) only collecting tax for your state, you must select “Geolocate” in your “Default customer location”. Otherwise, tax will automatically calculated.

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