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  • Resolved Fabri


    unfortunately, since every woocommerce update is a nightmare and a constant waste of time.

    This time, it has occurred to them to hack WordPress itself.

    /plugins/woocommerce/includes/admin/list-tables/class-wc-admin-list-table-products.php, on line 466

    unset ($ query_vars [‘s’]);

    ¿? ¿¿¿¿? ¿¿?!?!?! ¿?!? ¿¿!?! ¿WTF?! ??!?

    consequence: in a text search

    $ wp_query-> query_vars [‘s’] = null;

    the core function is_search () = false

    any other plugin that wants to perform a textual search in the product administration, is automatically out of service.

    in addition, its own function $ data_store-> search_products () does not support hooks or actions, bravo !!

    thank you very much automatic

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  • Fabri


    “in future versions of WooCommerce, SKU won’t be in post meta. It will be in a custom table.”

    the same excuse.

    and as in a future the sku will no longer be in post-meta,…. today I avoid that you can search for some other field…..

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    “excuse”. Ok. 👋



    Maybe you’re too busy ranting instead of reading

    Right. I have nothing else to do.

    wait, yes, I have to fix hundreds of websites because his majesty had the happy idea to cancel a function of the wordpress core or cancel the query_vars [‘s’]


    Please, read this blog every once and a while: . Then you will be informed about changes to core and this wouldn’t come as a surprise. This has been announced before 2.7 (3.0) came out. Do you understand why Automattic has to do this? Not doing so is not an option. You have your hundreds of websites, that’s very nice for you, but do you realise that WC has millions of active installations and Automattic can’t make exceptions for every single edge case like yours?

    @mikejolley I admire your patience.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    *Reads. Removes modlook tag*

    Well this has been a fascinating read.

    fabrisancho You’re now trolling. That makes this topic no longer productive and I’m closing it.

    Just a reminder: your are not owed anything here or from Woocommerce. This is all volunteer supported open source software.

    If you want to contribute to that open source then please do.

    If you want to engage in a back and forth accusing the author and the plugin support staff then please do not.

    Don’t start another topic on this as it will be closed too.

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