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    Notification emails not being sent.
    Contact and forms other than WooCommerce are sending fine.
    Tried WP-SMTP- still no new order emails.
    Paypal is gateway, we are receiving the Paypal notification fine.
    Have tried inserting several email addresses.
    Orders are not “pending”, they are showing as “Processing”.
    I have also tried deactivating other plugins, no luck.

    Do you have any suggestions? Clients not happy 🙁

    Thank you for any help you can offer-

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  • Customer receipt seems to be working fine- it is only the New Order email that does not work. But we really need it to work.

    Hi There,

    Did you ever get to the bottom of the Notifications problem I am struggling with it too.
    My customers DO get a notification for “Order Complete” but they DON’T for “New Order”…



    Hi @ccwatson, woocommerce doesn’t send a “New order” email, only the shop manager. In my opinion, this should be optional depending on the type of payment. For example, bank deposit should send the info of the account on the new order email, and unfortunately it sends only when the order goes to processing. Which is contradictory, as you pass to processing status only after payment…

    Others have reported that changing the email type has fixed this problem for them.
    Admin page > WooCommerce > Settings > Email tab > select email > look for the email type dropdown.

    I am having the same issue with a site that I am working on. Woocommerce isn’t sending ANY emails to the customers. WordPress emails are working just fine. But customers aren’t getting any when ordering or trying to change their passwords etc. I have tried switching the email type to “TEXT” instead of “HTML”, still no luck.

    From my understanding and from what I have researched, WP-SMTP doesn’t work because woocommerce only uses the native php email script form wordpress and doesn’t respond to that plugin.

    I have tried reinstalling woocommerce completely and re-configuring my setting all over. Still no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I think I have the same issue.

    Installed Check Email plugin and sent mail with just WP and Check Email

    Also added wp-mail-smtp and sendgrid. Got check mail to send tests out in various combinations but can never get woo to send a simple message that an order has been placed to either the admin administrator email address or the email elected as the recipient in the email tab for new orders.

    From Treys observation above, surely Woo should be configurable to send email via a smtp plugin and not be fixed to php script only?

    This is so frustrating… same issues here and driving me bonkers. Anyone had any luck???

    Hope this helps somewhat.

    In “Woocommerce>Emails>Recipients(s)” if you leave the field blank allowing it to default to the sites email address (or whatever your extension is .au .gr .org etc…) a new order notification does come through.

    Quite annoying thou as I wish to use the “Recipients(s)” option as well.

    Open to suggestions.

    Hello, I have spent the last few days trying to work out this issue. New webstie started and its almost ready to launch the only problem is NO EMAILS WHATSOEVER are being sent by woocommerce, to me or customers. No emails at all!!! I really don’t know what to do about this to be honest. I have been looking at the various feeds trying out suggestions people put up but nothing seems to work. I don’t know where i have gone wrong or how to fix it! Does anyone have any idea what to do here? I have all emails enabled and looked at so many youtube videos and everything looks like it should. The only difference is the template email that you can click and view doesn’t look like any other one i’ve seen. Its not even in english (or any language ).
    Can this be resolved or is the future of my new site doomed?

    Installed WP SendGrid and Check Email and got it working.

    Never got to the bottom of it but I fear it is something on the server preventing the wp mail function from working.

    Woo doesn’t send a new order e-mail for paid orders, I think it does for COD and cheques because you are supposed to look out for those but get notification from you payment provider for live orders that you need to attend to.

    That is my best recolection of the situation last time I was where you are now

    Thanks for getting back to me. I installed send grid but it is a paid service. I know it used to be free but to sign up now requires payment. I will try check mail and hope that that works.

    ok just tried check mail and sent test email and nothing got delivered 🙁

    ut to 400 mails a day is still free, sounds like you have a block on all outgoing email, check your isp

    Sorry but I’m new to all this. What is isp?

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