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    I am trying to set up my online store to have two different checkout pages based on what product is being purchased. We are a public transit agency and we have an airport service that we want to separate from our regular fares and passes. Even the notifications for the airport services will be sent to a different recipient thanks to a woocommerce extension…

    The Only thing I cannot figure out is how to customize the airport services checkout and it not affect the regular fares and passes checkout

    Any advice?

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    On another note…can you have two instances of WooCommerce or two different e-commerce plugins on one site? If I cannot separate the checkout experience with one instance of woocommerce, I am hoping it might be able to happen with two.

    Thank you for your input!

    You definitely can’t have 2 instances of Woocommerce, and while you might be able to install another ecommerce plugin on the same site, it would be disastrous. You’d likely have permalink conflicts, and probably even some performance issues.

    You’d be better off making a separate site for the second checkout – perhaps in a subdomain

    that is – if you can’t just segregate the products into separate category pages – it’s not clear why you need to have different checkout pages.

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    Well I think the Gravity forms extension for woo commerce may give me what I need without having to separate out the checkout pages.

    Thank you for your input, I kind of expected not to be able to run two instances of woo commerce or two different eCommerce plugins at the same time. Didn’t hurt to ask though

    How did you mange to get two different checkouts?

    Could you explain to all please.

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    I didnt find a way to get two different checkouts. I ended up using Gravity Forms and Paypal for the special product in question.

    Quick Checkout will allow you to have any number of checkouts with the ability to customize.

    WooCommerce Quick Checkout

    Note: I am the author of this plugin (full disclosure).



    Very interested in this topic, though the OP doesn’t seem to need 2 checkout/cart pages.

    However, I need it (I think) because I have special offers with a Countdown Timer that expires the page after 5 minutes…So, when they come to my AdWords landing page, and then go to the checkout, I have a 10 minute timer on there for them to take advantage of the deal…If they don’t, the page expires ( )…However, if they come back to my site on another day, I’d like them to still be able to purchase products at Full Price by directing them to a different checkout page…

    Maybe I’m making this more complicated than it needs to be, but my goal is to achieve this overall effect somehow…I will check out your plugin Devin.

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