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  • Currently when setting up PayPal as a payment gateway there’s only a single entry box for hooking up one PayPal email (aka one account). However, I would like to find out if / how (or who I can hire) to customize our cart so that I can bypass the default PayPal payment email on “a select few special orders / SKU’s”.

    So here’s the situation, let’s say I have 10 products, 8 of these products are visible in our store, and if you buy them and checkout, you would be paying via the default PayPal payment email found in your Gateway setup tab. However, let’s say 2 of these products are hidden items that can only be found by a special URL, therefore there’s no chance that anyone would add them to their cart if they were buying any of the usual 9 items.

    Let’s also assume the first 8 items are just digital downloadable products or physical goods. However the 2 hidden items are Event Tickets, each for a separate event location (East Coast / West Coast).

    What I want to be able to do, is somehow define a custom PayPal email address inside of these two custom products so that people can checkout with our same WooCommerce store but the money for these select 2 items will flow into one of two special PayPal accounts (aka the event promoter for the East/West coast conference). And of course if a regular customers checkout with our first 8 items, this would flow through to our usual Default PayPal account (meaning a 3rd account).

    So essentially, I’m guessing this is highly unusual and unlikely that anyone has wanted to do this or done it yet, so I’m looking to find out if I can hire a WP Ninja to help me out with this small project.


    PS. I suppose I would also like to figure out a way to eliminate certain payment methods on a per product basis as well. Because for the first 8 items, we accept payment by Authorize.Net which is our account, but in the event they are ordering one of these other 2 Event tickets, we wouldn’t want that to show up as an option at checkout, otherwise we would end up collecting the funds, and we want the money to go straight to the event promoter.

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