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  • Hi Sunit,
    You can see the plugin in action on my own website. Unfortunately, I don’t have a publicly available demo environment, but I would be happy to answer any question you might have about the plugin.


    Where does the currency exchange rate come from? Is it manual or auto from XE or other?

    Very interested in this plugin, thanks.

    @adrockmk2 The rates can be set manually, if desired, or set to be updated automatically from Open Exchange Rates of WebServiceX. For more information, please refer to the product page, or contact me using the contact form on my website (I don’t monitor this thread often). Thanks.

    This looks like a promising plugin – I am glad to have found it and hope to test it this weekend.


    Is this plugin compatible with cache plugins like wp super cache?

    @solagirl We used WP Super Cache initially, then we moved to W3 Total Cache, and in both cases the Currency Switcher works perfectly.

    Hi Diago75,

    Can we not place the converter on the products, or in the cart area? Or does it have to be in a widget, I ask because I need something like this but my site is full width without widgets.

    Thanks In advance.

    @brook1979 The currency selector has to be a widget, but you can place it anywhere you like by creating a small widget area. Doing it is very simple, you can find instructions in our knowledge base:

    Daigo when a purchase is made in another currency it it automatically converted into your currency as a payment on the suppliers side?

    @loschinony I’m not sure I understand the question, but I will try to answer. When a User selects, for example, Euro as the currency, the order is paid to you in Euro (i.e. the transaction is carried in Euro until the end). Your payment processor must support the currency you choose to enable on the site.

    User would be customer or the business owner? Sorry for the confusion..

    an example of what I am talking about is that the customer purchases in their local currency and when the transaction is complete it is the currency of the business owner as a pay out.

    Additionally, I saw on the post that there is the ability with your plug-in to have a hidden value in in whatever currency i.e GBP as a basis for the price and i.e. Euros that would go to the customers cart as Euros.

    Thanks for your reply

    @loschinony With “User” I meant the customer. The pay out currency is the one selected by the customer, not the base one configured in WooCommerce. That is, if a customer switches to Euro, you will be paid in Euro. If he switches to GBP, you will be paid in GBP.

    Regarding your other query, there is no “hidden” value. You choose a base currency (e.g. GBP) and enter product prices in such currency, then you can enable additional currencies (e.g. USD and EUR). From that moment, prices in USD and EUR will be calculated automatically, using an exchange rate that you can set manually, or take from Open Exchange Rates.

    If you wish, you can also set a price manually in each currency for each product. That is, you can set a product price to 10 GBP, 20 USD and 20 EUR, thus ignoring the exchange rate entirely.



    I have an online logos store, any logo design sold just once so I did a special programming that works with PAYPAL – the product will be automatically out of stock when a customer buys it.

    Would love to get an explanation of how it works with PAYPAL, that is it
    can disrupt this process?
    I want to add the possibility of the Australian currency, Japanese and European.

    @logodesignonline If your question is for me, please find the answers below:

    • Based on what you write, having multiple currencies and flagging the product as out of stock after purchase should be independent and not impact on each other. However, since it’s a custom coded feature, it should be tested.
    • The Currency Switcher can support any currencies you like, as long as an exchange rate is entered for each.

    If you have any further questions, please use the contact form. This will allow to reply in a timely manner. Thanks.



    Thanks for the quick response
    I will ask our programmer about this, maybe he can conduct an experiment with the plugin

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