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  • I also need this feature. Is it any plugin which can do it?

    Correct, multi-currency widget is only for the visual aspect of it. The checkout will still happen in the currency the store is set in. WooCommerce does not have a feature nor is there a WooCommerce plugin that does this right, in my opinion.

    WPML though, makes it possible and does a pretty good job.

    We also have it on our Roadmap for future releases, nothing planned yet though.

    Multicurrency is something important that I need too.

    Almost all my prices are in Euros.

    The problem is that we are also an agent for a UK college and we resell their courses in Spain. All their prices are in GBP and they refuse to give us a Euro price list.

    The problem is that I can’t put this product in my catalog on a “fair” price basis. It would be really nice have to have a hidden value in GBP and a published daily calculated value in Euros that would go through to the cart. It ought to show something like (200 GBP) billed as 215 Euros.

    I needed the same feature and I ended up developing a plugin for WooCommerce, which I’ll be using in my shop. I’m now doing the Beta Testing of it, then I will put it for sale.

    If anyone would be interested in getting an “early bird” discount to get the Beta version, just drop me a line. Of course, that would give access to the full version, when released (not to mention one year of free updates).

    Hi Daigo, how do i get in touch with you? Id be interested in testing that plugin! 🙂 I really need this convertor asap.

    Hi Diago,

    I’m keen to try too. Go through testing my new site. Let us know your details 🙂 as not sure how to “drop you a line” 🙂



    I’d also be interested in testing the plugin asap, please keep us updated


    Thanks everybody for the interest. I’m fixing a couple of bugs reported by my Beta Testers and I will publish the updated version later today. I will contact you all once it’s ready to discuss the details of my offer.

    You will also be able to see the plugin in action on my live website, so you can see how it works and if it can be useful to you.

    I’ll get back to you soon.

    I finally solved the issues that have been reported so far. If you wish to see the plugin in action, you can visit my shop.

    The WooCommerce plugin is not yet publicly available for purchase; please use the contact form on my website to register you interest in the Beta.

    @jayjaynz, I thought it was possible to send a PM to the members of this site, but I see it’s not. Sorry for the confusion about “dropping me a line”.

    I would like to thank all the people who have contacted me to get access to the Beta version of the plugin. I didn’t expect such a high volume of request, and I’m glad that my extension is proving itself useful. Thanks to their contributions, I’ve been able to address several issues before making the extension public.

    The plugin is now available in my shop, and it comes with support and one year of free upgrades. To celebrate the release, I posted a coupon code that gives you 15% discount on the extension.

    Again, thanks to all the people who contacted me for their contribution.

    Hey Diago – your plugin is giving me a fatal error on my woocommerce site. Anyone else having this problem?

    @sarocksa There are already many Users who got my plugin, and none of them reported a fatal error so far.

    I would be happy to assist you in troubleshooting your issue, but I don’t monitor this forum for support requests. Could you please contact me via the Support link on my site? I would just need to know a couple of details. Thanks.

    Sure – will do. Thanks!

    @sarocksa Perfect, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Diego, I’m very excited to see this plugin. If it works like I want it, it will solve a lot of problems for me. Is it possible to get a demo before I buy? Thanks.

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