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    Hi there, I’m hoping you can help me, I’m runnign WP 3.5 with the Adroa theme and have recently installed and activated the Woocommerce plugin. If you look at my site (the shop is not yet added to the menu so is not visible to others) you’ll see I’m using a background image (pinkish grey), and two sidebar widgets. On all of the pages this looks great – except on the Woocommerce pages. For some reason, where the sidebar is, Woocommerce has inserted, in grey against the pinkish-grey background, a menu of active links to all of my pages, both those that are currently visible (the WP pages) and the Woocommerce shop pages (My Account, Products, Checkout etc), and in the process, pushed the sidebar down a full page. It looks awful and I’d like to remove this but I cannot find any way to change it. I intend to add the Woocommerce pages to the top menu when the shop is ready so there is no need for this menu to be there at all.

    Can you offer any help on how to fix this please?

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    Sorry Ninnetje, we would provide support if you were using a theme distributed on’s theme repository.

    You can ask for support from WooTheme’s forums.

    Hmmm that’s where I started out, they directed me here. :-\ I’ll try again over there then. Thanks anyway. 🙂

    Andrew, could you tell me please, the Adroa theme is not a WooTheme, it’s a WP theme – I’m not using a WooCommerce theme at all, just the WooCommerce plugin. Why is the Adroa theme not supported if I got it from the theme list (just clicked install themes in WP and picked one from the list that I liked) – there was no indication it wasn’t supported? I cannot get support from WooCommerce because I’m just using the free plugin, not the paid membership. If the WooCommerce plugin is what’s unsupported through WP I understand, but in that case it would be best for me to change to a supported e-commerce pluging as I’m too unfamiliar with HTML and WP etc to do without support. Could you recommend a shop plugin that is supported, or perhaps direct me to where I can find out? I’d really appreciate it, thank you in advance. 🙂

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    Adroa is just one more theme 😉

    Unfortunately I didn’t test WooCommerce with Adroa. But I have already run WooCommerce with other themes and I had a similar problem.

    First of all, are you running a child version for the Adroa Theme? If your are not I recommend. When using child-themes you can get future Adroa upgrades without loosing your customizations. You can download a child version from here:

    I think that you just need one line of php code to solve this error.

    remove_action( 'woocommerce_sidebar', 'woocommerce_get_sidebar', 10);

    This code should go inside the setup function.

    Unfortunately I can’t test it now, but answer here in the forum if it worked or not. Soon I will work on Adroa and I can test WooCommerce and post here a better solution.

    Just some references:

    Hi trsenna, thanks so much for your help! I added the line of code to the setup file and that’s removed the unwanted menu, hurray!!! 🙂 I am not using a child theme, I went to the link you supplied which allowed me to download the file but I don’t know how to install it in WP from there and I cannot access the help files at themehybrid because I’m not a club member. I will save the line of code to re-add though, should it be overridden by an update down the track. 🙂

    Thanks again! 🙂

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    Whoa it’s not Adora, it’s Adroa (talking to myself)! Thanks guys.

    Yep Adroa Andrew, a theme 🙂

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