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  • I have been using WC Fields Factory to collect date from users before they add the product to the cart.

    The problem I started facing recently is that paid members on my site get discount twice.

    Example 10% discount on all products.

    When the customer is logged in they see the regular listed price $100 – 10% discount = 90$, but as soon as they add the item to cart 10% discount again gets applied 90$ – 10% = 81$. If I disable WC Fields Factory this does not happen twice. Same applies to $ value discount, example if the discount is $5, then for the members the price displayed is $100 – $5 = $95 and when the item is added to cart it gets discounted again $95-$5 = $90.

    Can you please help me fix it.

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  • Same happening to me. Did you find a solution?

    Commenting so I can get updates on this thread.

    I have been waiting weeks for an answer on this myself non another thread – any progress?



    I have the same issue…
    @mycholan @sarkparanjothi Is it a problem you are working on ?
    Thanks in advance !



    I deactivated WC Fields Factory and it solved the problem – the developers have not as afar as I know solved the problem.
    The problem is not with WC membership per se but a conflict with another plugin so you will need to do the usual boring stuff and deactivate all your plugins and activate them one at a time to see which one conflicts.
    My conflict was WC Fields Factory but there may be others that are similar

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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