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  • Apologies for posting this on the general WordPress forum, but i’ve spent the last few hours searching for an answer to this very simple question, and can’t seem to find anything. WooCommerce’s documentation is all but useless, and all other support is restricted to those who’ve purchased one of their themes. i’m using the plugin only, and a custom theme, and thus i have no access to support.

    What i want to know is if it’s possible to manually change shipping charges after an order has been submitted, and if so, how?

    Currently our two shipping options are Flat Rate (available only in the US) and International Delivery (available only outside the US). We’re using PayPal as our payment gateway. Due to a bug in WooCommerce wherein shipping options whose Cost option is 0 trigger a “Sorry, it seems that there are no available shipping methods for your location” error, a recent order from overseas was incorrectly charged Flat Rate instead of International shipping.

    It appears i can manually change the shipping from Flat Rate to International via the Edit Order > Order Totals panel, however, i’m unsure how to (1) notify the customer before putting the charge through, and (2) how to process the charge via PayPal. i could ask the customer to re-submit the order, but i’d like to avoid doing that, as it seems unprofessional.

    i appreciate anyone’s thoughts on resolving this. Thanks in advance!

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