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    I have a few questions:

    a) does your plugin require an additional caching plugin (like Autoptmize does) in order to really work well? I know if you use AO and no other caching, your site will even be slower then w/o…

    b) if yes, what would you recommend for the Woocoommerce cart and checkout page since these will not be cached by any plugin by default? Turn off Fast Velocity for these pages?

    c) what is the difference between AO and Fast Velocity? I am getting similar results, so just curious…


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  • Plugin Author Raul P.


    FVM and Autoptimize do essentially the same thing, but they differ in a sense that we do have slight different features.

    I would say that FVM gives in general, better results on pagespeed insights most of the time, but AO may work out of the box when FVM fails too.

    Merging and minifying js and css is complicating, sometimes things break with either AO or FVM, that’s why stuff like the ignore list exists on FVM.

    Try either of them, compare the scores, check if everything is working and choose whichever you like.

    For logged in users, FVM has an option to “fix page editors”, which will disable all optimizations when users are logged in, while keeping them enabled for search engines.
    That gives you best compatibility for logged in users.

    Okay thanks. And what about the Woocommerce pages like cart and checkout which re not cached by any caching plugin?Should I disable your plugin for these pages and if yes, how? And now that I am thinking of it, what about stock display on every product page…will need to check if your plugin works with this…

    Plugin Author Raul P.


    No, you don’t need cache for FVM to work, it works separately from any cache.

    Adding a cache plugin, basically only speeds up your HTML delivery, since WordPress doesn’t need to reprocess the page itself.

    FVM merges the JS and CSS files before WP generates the page too, so it includes the newly generated static files by default, instead of the others. That means, it works with or without cache.

    Nevertheless, be aware that speed optimization such as merging JS and CSS files is not a simple task, especially for ecommerce.

    The simple fact of putting a bunch of JS files together can break functionality of galleries, carts, sliders, etc… hence, its important that speed optimization is done by someone with technical skills.

    It’s perfectly fine to try to do it yourself for a blog or news site, but a plugin is generic. When ecommerce is involved, and thus money is involved, please make sure you test things properly once you are done (or hire a developer).

    As a rule of thumb, after installing FVM or any other performance plugin, logout and test if the shop works fine. Especially, going through the checkout order process.

    Most of the time it works perfectly fine, but depending on your theme and combination of plugins, you may need to work with the ignore list or other plugin options for it to work 100%.

    Please understand that SEO and speed is hardly as easy as to install a plugin, although I try hard to make it as compatible with as many possible scenarios as possible.

    If something is broken after you enable FVM, please try other plugins such as Autoptimize (and test again), or get someone with dev skills to help testing things.

    Thank you, of course I understand this! I have tried and tested it several times and it seems to work great.

    So where do I find the “fix page editors” option? I could not see it in the settings. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Raul P.


    its near the top on the plugin settings page, “Fix Page Editors”

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