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  • Woocommerce is up to date 3.1.0. All works fine, but is so slow. I installed P3 plugin to monitoring. It showed that woocommerce is using 59% of time execution overall. In avarage my pages delay 3.9 secounds to show. Woocommerce alone using 2.3 secounds. P3 shown yet 165 MySQL queries per visit. We installed W3 Total Cache and others tuning’s settings for Worspress. And in server we made some tunings to PHP, Apache, MySQL, etc. We rised server capabilities given more horsepower and rmemory, installed some stuffs recommendations from de web. More then 1 week making stuffs. But I think the problem is woocommerce. Because overall gain is only saw when cache pages show.

    There are some settings that I forgot or woocommerce have some problems because the are a new version 3?

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  • What about Woocommerce without any other plugin that everybody install but that are mostly useless and that slow down websites ?

    What is your theme ?

    We use Flatsome theme. Without Flatsome numbers of MySQL Queries drop to 62. But we need Flatsome to this project. You know what can I do to optimize Flatsome?

    I don’t know this theme and wonder why anybody needs to use a specific theme ? especially if it’s not so good ?

    I use Customizr, it’s free and never needed any other theme for any shop.

    What I am sure is that the more complicated is a theme or a plugin, the more chance you have to meet problems, and whatever wordpress “expert” (who make money thanks to people who have problems will wordpress…) will tell you.

    Have you disabled all plugin and kept only woocommerce ? Are you sure that you need all these others useless plugins ?

    It’s only one theme man, you didn’t understood. We use Flatsome because it’s simple to modifiy the pages templates for our design team. WordPress is terible to make layouts, this is one fact. And Flatsome intend to have one option to easy replace layouts. If you don’t have some information to help me, please don’t use your time to tell what is best or worst. That isn’t help nobody.

    Ok enjoy your theme and your problems if you think that it’s so important for the humanity to use this theme.

    I found the problem, was hardware and software of one server. I change the server and all goes fine now.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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