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[Resolved] Woocommerce Integration

  • Marcus, is there any chance of integrating your plugin with woocommerce so that the booking or ticket sales can be paid using the woocommerce checkout methods? My website also has a product shop and events section and it would be great to streamline the checkout process instead of requiring two separate payment modules.

    Thank you for this amazing plugin. I will be purchasing the premium soon.


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  • sorry, due to upcoming features can’t give any eta for this; however, maybe @marcus does have any comments on this.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    whlist not out of the question in the future, it’s not something we’d be intending to integrate anytime soon, given we have lots of features in the pipeline for our own booking system.

    Guys, thank you for such prompt feedback always. I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that it is much appreciated!

    I just purchased the PRO upgrade because of your excellent product and support. I really do hope that you take this feature request (WooCommerce Integration) into consideration for a future update, as it could tap into the many powerful resources of woocommerce as well.

    thanks, you can add feature request in the pro forums and let other users vote for it.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    it’d certainly be an interesting one to consider in the future (it will be a while though, lots to do before!), and something we’d most likely look into once we get through EM-specific features

    interested in this too.
    the guys at “The Events Calendar” are working at an integration to allow buying the events throu WooCommerce.
    While noone is working on adding booking calendar to woocom products.
    Magento has few interesting on in this direction:

    perhaps you would like to give a look into it

    +1 here!

    There are many local payment solutions here in Brazil (such as MercadoPago, BCash, PagSeguro etc) and EM only offers PayPal. I need to be able to integrate with them, something WooCommerce already does for many through plugins.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    +1 too 🙂

    we’ll definitely need some time on this one (plenty), as we’re working on other exciting stuff atm, but as we get through features, we’ll always have something else to add!

    Hi Marcus,

    it will be great to see the product evolve with time. It is already very good and useful as it is (I bought it last week and spent the last few days making it work and using most of the resources), but there are definitely important improvement points.

    @marcus, perhaps this is something that can be collaborated or outsourced with the Woo team in order to bring it to market sooner. You can piggy-back off of each others’ success to make an even more powerful product; owning the market to impede competition. It’s good integration and makes business sense for both of you. Hopefully if it pans out there can be a way to do it very cost-effectively for the end-user. If you can see the market share value in the partnership, perhaps it can be a “free” value added add-on.

    I really can’t see anyone using another pro event manager type plugin with this type of checkout process, especially the vast majority using woocommerce.

    Let me know if you want me to plant a seed with the Woo guys too as I would gladly do it to help move something along in this direction.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Feel free to try, but I don’t see that happening given they already have one integration. That’s not to say they’d oppose us making an integration, rather they’d leave it to us to do the integrating 😉

    afaik, EM would already integrate well with WC as we have hooks in all the right places

    @ehong33234 – Could you upload your location/even importer again?

    I tried going to the link you posted but am getting a 404.

    Thank you

    Ditto DJLunacy. I am in desperate need my friend.

    @ehong33234 where is the event importer? 🙂

    Plugin Author Marcus


    yes, i was pointing people to your page, but since it’s not working for some time now I’ve been pointing people to http://em.cm/importer-exporter

    Hi, be advised that the Events Manager 5.4.4. plugin has some incompatibilities with WooCommerce 2.0.12/2.0.13. It breaks the keywords search for products. It still gives search results, but with a lot of errormessages: “Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in…”

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