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  • Hi everybody,

    I have a problem with woocommerce 2.0.8 (wdpress 3.5.1) : I cannot have a correct rounded tax amount. For example :

    A product, sold at 20 €, is 18.96 € (ex. vat), for a vat at 5.5%. So we should have a vat amount of 1.04 €. But when I have 2 copies of the same product in the cart, the vat amount is 2.09 €

    I’ve checked and unchecked every boxes in admin tax panel, but nothing changed. So, I really suppose that it’s a code problem when tax is rounded, but I cannot find what to change and how to do ?

    Moreover, while doing a dummy order via the write order panel, when I just enter a product and a quantity, the fee, automatically calculated is ok. But… when I click on “Calc Taxes”, the fee is wrong and the result is the same that the cart’s one.

    Did anyone had the same issue ?
    Anyone help ?

    Thanks by advance,

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  • Hi,

    simillar issue with me!
    My store is setup to display prices with tax included, all my prices are entered with 4 digits like 14.9000 also the tax is setup as 20.0000 (which was neccesary to avoid another rounding issue).
    Having a total ammount of 49.7 in my cart with a tax of 20% included and in the woo settings applied tax calculation per position it displays a correct subtotal (49.7) but an tax of 8.29 which should display 8.28
    Changing the setting to calculate the tax based on subtotal it is displaying the correct subtotal (49.7) and a correct tax (8.28) but the checkout total goes to 49,69 which should still display 49.7

    any idea???
    Thank you

    PS: having all the latest versions installed with June, 12th 2013

    Hi mmtomm. I have the same problem.

    I figured out why there is a mistake as woocommerce rounds ammounts (math.round)

    in this way:
    0.614 = 0.61
    0.615 = 0.61
    0.616 = 0.62

    but it should do it like this:
    0.614 = 0.61
    0.615 = 0.62
    0.616 = 0.62

    Now we need to figure out how to fix it. Can any one help where to look in the code to change the definisions of math.round in woocommerce?

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