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  • Want to control my image sizes. Help is much appreciated – I tried everything I could find in past forum threads.

    My settings in Woocommerce–>Catalog–>Image Settings are:
    Catalog images W 150 H 100 (Hard crop selected)
    Single product image W 150 H 100 (Hard crop selected)
    Product thumbnails W 75 H 50 (Hard crop selected)

    But to no avail – my single product images are about 300×200 and catalog images are about 190×130.
    I inserted this into the wp-admin custom CSS area:

    ul.products li.product a img { width: 150; height: 100; }
    .related ul.products li.product img, .related ul li.product img, .upsells.products ul.products li.product img, .upsells.products ul li.product img { width: 150; height: 100; }
    .single-product.layout-full .images img {
    width: 150px; height: 100;
    .single-product.layout-full .summary { width:600px; }

    It doesn’t seem to be working. I also tried this fix in the woocommerce/assets/css folder, changing the 48% to 24%. It had no effect either.

    Check your CSS…It is blurry because of this ->
    .related ul.products li.product, .related ul li.product, .upsells.products ul.products li.product, .upsells.products ul li.product

    It is setting it to 48% width which in turns stretches out your 150×150 image…

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  • Try installing one of those plug-ins which regenerate your thumbnails. Your theme might be serving the only images it has so re-sizing them might help.

    Hi Yojance,

    I tried this but it has not made a difference. I think I need to change something in the CSS, but I don’t know where the sizing problem is.

    oy!! i found the mistake made by woocommerce.. you cant even change it unless you get yourself ftp access to the woocommerce.css file (in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/assets/css) .. in there (if you make it cleaned up by going to you will find a line (do a search for “img”) that has width: 100%.. change this 100% to auto and you are all set!!

    Wait, how do you get to the woocommerce.css file? This is totally my issue that’s been driving me crazy. FTP access to where?

    Just FTP to your website, probably go to public_html then you should see the path that bbernstone gave you


    Just be caredul when updating the plugin though because you might lose whatever you put in there

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? This SO worked. Thank you. Thank you. Very much appreciated.

    am having same problem with woocommerce images. can someone please tell me which css file to edit. wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/assets/css/?

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