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    I have been struggling with this for a while. I have tried the shortcodes but to no avail.

    First, what I need:
    I want to place specific categories on a page. The categories I want to place are not necessarily parents, so cannot use the parents=’0′ argument. I want to enter the ID/name/category slug of the categories and it should only show the categories I specified so when you click on the category it will show you all the products under the specific category on a separate page.

    I have tried [product_categories number=’12’ ids=’101,103,98,88′] and have moved the backticks in the id section back and forth to see what will change, but to alas, no success.

    Hope it all makes sense…?

    I am a beginner with all of this and figuring out on the fly, so please explain in layman terms as far as possible.

    Thanks a mil!

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  • Robin W

    (@robin-w) Moderator

    I use

    [product_categories number="" ids="22,35,34,30,33"]

    on my site, and that works fine

    try it and come back if not



    O, you know what, I did a major overhaul of all the categories and just did not add the products back to the categories I wanted to specify, as soon as I tagged a product to the category it came up perfect.

    Idiot move, I know, but thanks for your help, as soon as yours did not work, I at least knew the shortcode was not wrong, so pointed me to look elsewhere.


    Robin W

    (@robin-w) Moderator

    pleased that you’re all working again

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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