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  • I have never come across such poor support as that provided by Woo Commerce. We recently setup Woo commerce on a new website along with two Woo extensions we purchased – Nested Category Layout and Woo Commerce Brands.

    In the development process we came across an issue involving subcategories so we posted the question through the Woo ticket system one week ago, which has gone unanswered. We contacted Woo a second time with the same response – no answer. Frustrated and needing to move forward with our project, we asked for our money back. The response again – no answer. Woo states it has a 30 day money back guarantee & refund policy, however we cannot even get them to acknowledge our refund request.

    At some point over the past week, it would have been nice to receive a response, even if it only confirming our question had been received and that an answer would be forthcoming. Over the years we have dealt with many software providers who provide excellent to average support, but never have we come across a company that boasts so much and delivers so little. Woo may have a good product, however their customer service is the worst we have seen to date.

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  • I would have to agree with this statement. I also have been waiting for a response to a support issue and have submitted an online ticket since there is no other way to contact support. I have not heard back. I will be requesting a return on the payment if we don’t hear back within the next 48 hours. If we don’t get our payment returned. I’ll contact Visa and have the chargers reversed.

    Sorry to hear of your bad experiences. In their defence I have raised a number of tickets over the years with one ticket raised and closed a week or so ago and support has been great every time for me. There have been delays in ticket responses sometimes, but overall I have been impressed. Paid plug-ins aside remember that WooCommerce itself is free.

    I have learnt from experience to always test updates on my staging site first and also to delay WooCommerce plug-in updates until a few version revisions after a major update. This approach has worked for me so far, maybe I have been lucky, who knows…

    I would imagine support are really struggling at the moment in some areas as the last update was a pretty big one technically and obviously broke some sites in the process. Some users seem to have gone and updated their live sites without any testing and then been surprised when something has broken (I am not for one minute stating that this has happened in your cases).

    For the record I am in no way connected to WooCommerce at all.


    It’s true that they need more Indian or Filipinos customer service guys !

    Update to my support request to WooCommerce.
    They did get back to me an answered my questions. Unfortunately there is a conflict with the WooCommerce Beeanstream Plugin and our Beanstream Online Payment Form. They will not work together. Anyways, WooCommerce has refunded our money. At least they got back to us and refunded our money.

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