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  • I’m TRYING to use woocommerce for the website/business I am launching.

    My issue is as follows:
    I cannot have….dynamic pricing? I guess is the way to word it? Basically, the item and what I am looking for breaks down as follows

    Product: Widget $10

    Options A: Blue +$0, Red +$0, Green +$0, Black +$3

    Options B: Yellow +$1, Purple +$2, Orange +$0, Clear +$5

    Size: (.5″-10″, at 1/2″ increments)

    Holder: Iron +$0, Steel +$10, Gold, +$20

    So, if you got a widget with a $10 base price, selected Red(+$0) and Orange(+0) with a 10″ size, and an iron holder, $10. But if you select steel, it will automatically change it to $20.

    I need it to change the pricing on its own during the product selection process. Variations/loading all variations isn’t allowing it. Help?

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  • I think what you’re looking for is a grouped product or variable product.

    The main time I’ve seen this set up is for things like clothes. There’s one big catch though – It’s not a single product. What you do is create individual products for each size and then set up a main grouped product that references all of the single products.

    That’s just one wya of doing it though. There’s a lot of extensions out there for Woocommerce pricing, both paid and free, so have a look and see if there’s anything that suits your needs.

    I found a more effective way:

    Find a cheaper supplier for the….supplies to make them lol(sorry for the redundancy of supplier supplying supplies)

    Now I can charge the same amount, and hand out coupon discount codes as if it is halloween candy.

    Um… OK… I really don’t see the relationship between how much something costs and offering different options, but I guess that I’m not looking at what you’re selling in the same way that you are. Glad it works though.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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