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  • Hi everyone

    Ok this is going to be a little difficult to explain, Id also be happy to have someone look at this so they can see for themselves what I mean… goes!

    I have the Bazar Theme with woocommerce installed. Im selling guitar picks. each pick has several variable such as size and colour.

    I want to list the picks via models. for instance, one of the picks is called the Classic standard and it comes in several colours and thicknesses. So I want a page for The classic Standard with all the variables. However I have diffent stock amount for each pick. I.e 21 blue 1.5mm classic standard, and 4 clear .75mm classic standard and 3 orange 3mm classic standard et etc.

    This is how I add the variations to woo commerce (maybe im doing something wrong)

    1. products>attributes – here I added Pick colour and pick size with all the different options.
    2. go to add product fill in the details, click attributes and select pick colour and sizes for that model.
    3. save
    4. go to variations> add variation
    5. i input the colour (clear)then the size.75mm then price and stock amount
    6. add variation, I input colour (blue) size 1.1mm, then price and stock
    7. click update… the issues
    8. on the product page the options are there but no add to cart, that has vanished, its therewith just one colour and size but not when you add variations, when you click the colour option, clear and blue are there but when you click on a colour, the options box doesnt close with your selected colour, it remains open, you have to click outside the box to close it, same for the size. no stock amounts, no add to cart and no prce updates (they are different prices)

    I have tried to be as clear as I can on what could be a simple issue. Please please can somebody help me.

    I dont want to have seperate pages for each pick as that would run into the hundreds. One page for the standard classic pick, one for the razer pick, one for the stealth pick…..then all the variations colour, sizes, stock on those pages.

    help me please

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