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    I have this problem with MCC 2.24, 2.22 is good, haven’t tested 2.23.
    Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function WC_Gateway_MyCryptoCheckout::woocommerce_gateway_icon(), 1 passed in /data/web/virtuals/182519/virtual/www/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 286 and exactly 2 expected in /data/web/virtuals/182519/virtual/www/wp-content/plugins/mycryptocheckout/src/ecommerce/woocommerce/WC_Gateway_MyCryptoCheckout.php:358 Stack trace: #0 /data/web/virtuals/182519/virtual/www/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): WC_Gateway_MyCryptoCheckout->woocommerce_gateway_icon(‘apply_filters(‘get_icon() #4 /data/web/virtuals/182519/virtual/www/wp-content/plugins/wooco in /data/web/virtuals/182519/virtual/www/wp-content/plugins/mycryptocheckout/src/ecommerce/woocommerce/WC_Gateway_MyCryptoCheckout.php on line 358

    Could you please check it and fixed in next version.
    Shop: https://mining-bios.eu/
    Other gateways:

    Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    If you start disabling the other gateways, does the problem go away?

    When I disable MCC it goes away.
    I only tried disable Masari because it was the next gateway which should be shown, but it didn’t do anything. 2.22 is perfectly fine with all other gateways.

    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    2.22 was fine because the woocommerce_gateway_icon filter is new in 2.23.

    So you’ll have to keep temporarily disabling other plugins until you find the culprit.

    When I disable other plugins except MCC and Cryptowoo, it works, but MCC doesn’t show icons.
    2.22 is working with all gateways and also icons work.
    Woocommerce 3.4.7

    My bad, it was cache, icon works. But all the other plugins MSR, XMR, RYO break MCC 2.24, why is that? Cryptowoo works with all of them.

    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    Since it’s difficult for us to replicate your install, I suggest searching your plugins directory for plugins containing the text


    Or at least apply_filters and woocommerce_gateway_icon.

    My guess is that there is a call to that filter with just one parameter instead of the necessary two, and that’s the source of your warnings.

    RYO and XMR gateways by Mosu are fixed and MSR I did myself so everything works like a charm again for me.
    Thank you for support.

    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    I don’t get it. Is the error fixed now? What was the fix?

    Also: why do you have so many gateways? MCC supports HD wallets for BTC, BCH, LTC. And also has support for monero and its view keys.

    Yeah fixed.
    Cryptowoo is currently best solution, but limited to HD wallets, it will also have XMR.
    MCC has has other coins like ETH and ZEC which I need too and works good, but it is limited with decimal calculations like 0 in the end, which is then not confirmed. Always expect full amount, but many customers send coins from exchange and forget to count fee, Cryptowoo have option for not fully paid orders, didn’t see such a option in MCC.
    I used MoneroWP which is terrible and even worse when I use other forked gateways based on that… I know Mosu from RYO team and I asked him to make RYO gateway and he did awesome job and port it also for XMR (XMR dev don’t like it even it’s fully working and 100000 times better than MoneroWP, but I hope they will use his work eventually…)
    And Masari plugin is somewhere betweem Mosu’s XMR and MoneroWP so it mostly works good.
    I only accept crypto so I needed to add as much popular coins as is needed to make it easy for customers. Cryptowoo has Shapeshift, but that thing is terrible and only do problems or it does half year ago I stop use that. DOGE were very popular on winter and spring, MCC doesn’t have it and it is great coin for such a payments, but nothing more…
    Anyway they all work good together and I use the best from all of them, MCC is probably one of the best gateway for ETH, I didn’t test the new plugins but half a year ago there were no better gateways with ETH. Thx.

    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    Thanks for letting us know what you find works well and what could be improved from the various plugins you mentioned. We are always open to suggestions.
    Dogecoin is on the list of coins to be added in the future as its been requested quite a bit lately.

    We have considered possibly adding an option to detect under/over payments, however, its basically compensating for a bad practice done by a few places not the majority. Its standard that users should be allowed to send the correct amount of coins from their wallet to a destination. Any fees are normally placed on top of the principle amount not deducted from it. And since we are not the only payment gateway that will only automatically marks payments as completed when the correct amount of coins are received its likely the few places misbehaving with fees will not be used heavily for commerce in the future.

    With that said its still something we have on our radar and are discussing.

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