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  • Hello,

    I’m running a WooCommerce webshop with products you can rent.
    These products have a fixed price plus a deposit price (different per product).

    Is it possible to add extra price field’s (without tax calculation) to a product?

    Let’s pretend:

    Product A
    Price: 100,-
    Total (with tax) 120,-
    Deposit: 50,-
    Cart Total: 170,-

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  • use sales tax function? That would work well if the surcharge was the same. If you have several different surcharges, set up shipping class for each product, and set shipping tax by class.

    Thanks for your reply..

    Each product needs an additional price field so we can charge a deposit fee..

    Let’s pretend:

    Product A costs 100 euro’s..
    With tax it’s 120 euros
    Plus 50 euros deposit costs
    Total amount 170 euros

    OK, so how many different deposit amounts do you have? 30?
    like, 50E for any product between 75 and 125E, 70E for products between 126E and 150E etc etc?

    This can be done with ‘shipping tax’ which is added after the sales tax.

    Just need to set up lots of shipping classes, and set the products by class.

    Thanks for thinking with me… i think it can’t be solved using shipping tax since the products aren’t shipped.. Isn’t there a way to add extra costs to a single product..
    So let’s pretend product A cost 50 euros + additional price .. I know there is a product additional fee but it can’t be set per product.

    Yes, I know they’re not shipped. We’re just using that functionality.

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