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  • I have a couple of questions about a few extensions for WooCommerce. I’m working on a site that will provide online courses. Each course will allow access to “members only” content, downloadable files that include worksheets, audio, etc; and access to a private forum where the end user can speak with “classmates” and course instructors during the time they are taking the class.

    We’re debating between the “Chained Products” and the “Product Bundles” extensions. We’re not sure which one would be better. We’re using custom post types for the videos, but we’ll also need to sell a “bundle” that includes the private forum access and downloadable files with the access to private content. it seems either one of these would work, but is one better than the other?

    Then there’s the question regarding “Smart Coupons“. If there’s a product bundle where an item can be purchased individually (say, a PDF file at a 25% discount) – when someone buys the bundle, will Smart Coupons recognize the single item that’s on sale? Smart Coupons also indicated it worked well with “Chained Products” – but how does it work with “Product Bundles”?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Apologies – this is a duplicate post. For some reason it wouldn’t show up on the Plugin support page I wanted it on, so I posted it again this morning, and it took. You can ignore this post – the one that finally showed up in support is here. Do what you like with this one – close it up or whatever, but please leave the other one open.

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