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    I installed the Woocommerce PDF Invoices Packing Slips plugin to TEST it, then deactivated it after testing. Wanted to see how the PDF section of it worked.

    The PDF section of it worked when I tested when I went into ORDERS and Clicked on “Send Invoice to Customers”… NOT automatically through Woocommerce sending the PDF. Is this plugin supposed to work automatically sending email to Customer with New Orders also automatically.

    If so, obviously there is a little glitch with the plugiN ?

    My emails through Woocommerce were working perfectly 100% before I installed the free plugin to test. Sending automatic emails to customers and Admin etc. I am testing a site for a client at the moment.

    Then I uninstall the Woocommerce PDF plugin as I have tested it and NOW Woocommerce emails not sending out since installing PDF Invoices Plugin.

    Have been googling for days on HOW to resolve it and HOW to get automatic emails through WOocommerce sending out to TEST customers again and ADMIN.

    URGENT help would be great if someone is free to help.

    Seems whilst googling that lots of people have had this issue since installing this plugin and haven’t found a directly solution to FIX IT !

    Now I just need my emails functioning urgently automatically from Woocommerce

    Thanks in advance



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  • Plugin Author Ewout


    Hello Kristin,
    I’m sorry to hear you’re having this issue! If this persists even after deactivating the PDF Invoice plugin, it’s definitely not directly related to it. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips doesn’t leave any ‘trace’ or something that would break the emails even when the plugin is installed.

    That said, there could be several reasons for emails not sending.
    If the emails don’t send when the PDF Invoice plugin is activated:

    • it could be that the site runs out of memory when creating the attachment for the email (would be resolved by increasing memory available to wordpress/your hosting)
    • it could be that the email is filtered by your server because the server doesn’t like attachments (usually resolved by sending through SMTP instead of with the default WordPress email functions, for example with WP Mail SMTP

    But since you have the issue even with the plugin disabled, I think you need to look elsewhere for solutions (though the SMTP would be a good first step).
    WooCommerce has a guide on their site: WooCommerce Email FAQ

    Hope that helps!


    p.s. you mentioned you found other people with this issue since installing the plugin, could you provide a link to those threads? If there are any unresolved threads with this issue I’d gladly look into this again!


    Thanks for your reply. Actually the PDF attachment worked no issues sending invoice with the plugin through the ORDERS Section of Woocommerce. No issue with memory at all. But when I went back into Orders and changed the Status from Processed to finished to send automatic email from Woocommerce is when I noticed that other emails weren’t working at all. Just the invoice section PDF and nothing else. Didn’t work anymore for New Orders received email or other tests I did.

    I then deactivated the plugin thinking something caused it and tested again. No emails weren’t working at all still.

    Definately not issue with the Hosting people as it was working before with the same setup.

    I am not really sure how EMAILS work within the Woocommerce WordPress site how it sends emails automatically through the system as I have never had to configure the emails anywhere for it to function within the woocommerce system for any client at all. Just goes automatically when changing Order status and when New Orders are purchased through system etc.

    I have read that WordPress uses wp_mail() function
    Maybe something happened to the function above. I have been googling this issue also on how to resolve but most people say to download another plugin like WP mail SMTP …

    So issue is not resolved, I actually temporarily installed a WP Email SMTP for a workaround – have never had to do this for any of my clients woocommerce shopping carts (only this one).

    I still have to resolve it but not sure which way to jump

    Maybe someone else has had this same issue that emails within Woocommerce has just stopped working ?


    Plugin Support kluver


    Hi @kristinubute,

    First, what happened when you installed and activated WP Mail SMTP?
    Second, you can find your WooCommerce email settings at your WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Emails. Are all your settings there correct?

    With kind regards,



    There is not much configuration for emails in the standard Woocommerce – Just From Name and From address

    I installed Post SMTP and created an account with whoever it was online and got it working straight away after setting this up.

    Obviously something has screwed up in the standard default Woocommerce email.

    WP Mail is what I am going to configure for the client as it will go via their hosting server when going live next week.

    I just wasn’t sure why it stopped working after installing the plugin which was strange.

    Where can I find more information regarding the Woocommerce default email and how it works ? Maybe I can better understand.

    But then again, I see over 500,000 people install separate SMTP plugins to get around issues with emails .. so I am obviously not the only one experiencing issues and possibly this is obviously frequent across the board, and I have just been lucky in the past with past clients never to had an issue with default WOOCOMMERCE emails.


    Plugin Author Ewout


    Hello Kristin,
    Indeed, using an STMP plugin is highly recommended for any site, especially when using WooCommerce (since that sends out multiple emails per order, resulting in a large number or emails altogether). The emails sent via SMTP rather than wp_mail() are much less likely to end up in your customers spam folder too (which is perhaps also what may have happened here during testing?).
    I think we can safely conclude that the issue was with the email process and not with PDF invoices, and I’m glad to know you were able to solve the issue with the above instructions.
    If you have any other questions about the WooCommerce email, it’s better to ask them to WooCommerce support directly. Naturally, should any issues with the PDF invoices plugin arise, don’t hesitate to post them here!

    Have a fantastic week!

    Mailgun is a good one to look at, you can send out 10,000 emails a month for free, and you can do stuff like check if they’ve been opened etc.

    You especially need some sort of SMTP plugin if your server sits behind a CDN, as you won’t be able to set SPF records properly through CDN’s.

    Thanks I will look into Mailgun also.
    Is it easy to setup ? Straight forward ?


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