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    I manage a WooCommerce website for a client who is suddenly having email issues. Specifically, none of the order emails are being sent by WooCommerce. I’m not sure if it is related, but it appears that the problem started after we updated to the most recent version of WordPress (4.8).

    All of the settings seem to be correct in the email tab of WooCommerce settings. Nothing appears to be different from how we originally set it up (and it was working fine until recently). But now neither my client nor her customers are receiving any emails regarding orders.

    I changed my client’s destination email to a secondary email address to see if that helped, but no luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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  • Same problem not working with email but working with or

    Interesting. We can’t seem to get it to work with either of my client’s email addresses (, or Is this a common problem with the most recent update?

    Well I guess I will join the club.
    My Cancellation emails don’t work, but order emails do. Both directed to the same email address (web Mail, not to eMail client – One suggestion I’ve seen is to set up an eMAIL client. That didn’t help me. Also, I set eMail to my personal email account (IMAP/SMTP) & still no luck with Cancellation emails … Order emails worked fine.

    I don’t know if this ever worked, as I am 3 weeks old with these products & my new website.

    I’ve posted/ replied to other posts on just this problem. No resolutions yet.

    This whole development platform (WP, WC, …) is not robust enough & is too fragmented. It does 95% very well. The 5% can have “interesting effects” many are awful / potential show stoppers. This email problem is just an example (although not devistating for me). Also too much coding required. I’ve no time for this. I may be shopping …

    Good Luck,,,

    I have the same problem. I tried with SMTP servers, PHP-Mailer and New Order Emails doesn’t work. In my case sometimes has worked, but It uses to fail. Gmail Only receives the new order to the admin. As a client, never receives the email. I have tried to set a client and an admin with email accounts of my domain (F.example ( and and it works.

    I think something weird happens with the email system in the last updates of woocommerce.


    So far my ‘new order’ eMails are working.

    Have you posted a problem ticket?

    If you can, let me know…. otherwise I’ll try.

    Thanks …

    If either of you are able to post a problem ticket let me know. I’m curious to hear what they say. The last time I posted a ticket (about something unrelated) I was told that they cannot help me because of my subscription level (i.e. I am not a paying customer) and they directed me over here to the forums.


    I created a support ticket #195:

    Others are having this issue.

    Thanks to Alex at the support desk.


    Great, let me know if you hear anything promising. Thanks!

    I will…

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    Hey jforts,

    Did you want to update this thread, or do you still need some help?


    Hey Shane,

    Sorry for leaving the thread open. The email issue apparently fixed itself. It’s possible the issue was fixed with another site update, I’m not sure. But either way, everything is good now.


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