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    I have been looking and looking for a plugin or ability to do this, and I cannot for the life of me find anything except the $99 WooCommerce plugin…which I cannot afford. This seems like such a basic feature: emails specific to the product, which go out when a product is purchased.

    Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this that I just haven’t discovered yet? Or a plugin I’ve yet to find? Please help! I want each product to have it’s own specialized email that goes out when it is purchased, with important info in it for the customer, about the product. (My products are services.)

    Can anyone help me?

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    Len, this sounds great! And cheaper than the plugins I’ve seen that cost close to a hundred dollars that are supposed to do this, but I’ve read too many conflicting things about them, and am not really eager to fork out that much money for something that may or may not work….This plugin is much cheaper! Thanks!

    Now, I’m trying to figure out how this works (and may figure it out before you respond, but I’ll ask anyway…) MailPoet…does it automatically add new customers to email lists? I’m trying to figure out how this works…because you say you can create a new list for each product on the fly…does that mean that as they purchase, they are added to a mailing list? Because if so….that would save me some extra work I was already doing! I love that! I have another mailing list that I use (and pay for), but I manually add all the new people to it. If I could have something automatically do it…it would save me a lot of work!

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    Ok, I did find on the WooMailPoet website that it does indeed add people to a mailing list as soon as they purchase a product.

    So now my question is how to use this with another mailing list service, since I just read this article:

    And I already have an account with Your Mailing List Provider (YMLP) for my lists….so I am wondering if there’s a way to use WooMailPoet with YMLP?

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    Well I don’t think this is going to work, grrr.

    The easiest thing to do would be to export and import your emails into your other third party email service.

    But I’d probably consider investing in the proper tools and plugins to handle this, since you’ve already been struggling with this problem for over a month. I know you said the Woo plugin was too expensive, but how much have you lost in time and opportunity trying to hack something else together?


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    I don’t know what you mean by export/import your emails into your 3rd party email service.

    Also…I’ve now looked and looked and I can no longer find the plugin on WooCommerce! So I’ve sent them a support email to ask if they did away with it, but I cannot find it anymore!

    Also…WooMailPoet now ONLY works with MailPoet…I asked and they just responded that that’s the ONLY service it will work with. So if I use it that’s what I’m stuck with, and I’ve read some info that makes me feel like using MailPoet may get my emails sent to spam folder of my clients….so I’m hesitant.

    Not sure what to do now because I really need this feature and sending manually is a serious pain in the ass. So time consuming.

    Any email service worth its weight in salt has a tool to import a list of email addresses. You can export the list from your WP mailpoet back end and import it into YMLP.

    I’m not sure why your worried about using Mailpoet. 300,000 site owners have installed it and use it everyday. I’ve installed it on several on my own and client sites with no sending problems.

    Here’s why… The article you mentioned from WPBeginner has nothing to do with Mailpoet but is about the method of queuing up emails on your web server.

    Mailpoet has several different mail sending server options, including gmail and sendgrid. They are also launching their own integrated sending service. If there’s a problem with your emails going into spam filters, it’s probably because your emails are poorly written and tripping ISP spam algorithms.

    WooMailpoet only works with WooCommerce and Mailpoet. That’s why it’s called that. But it works, so if you want an integrated tool that’s free, that’s what I recommend.

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