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  1. Mike
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I run an online store using woocommerce. I'm setting up a vendor role using capability manager. Everything is good except this email notification. Both Admin and Customer do receive Emails for New Orders but the vendor who has published the particular Product purchased is not receiving any notification via email. Can some one help me in this?


  2. ReggiesRoast
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Shiyam,
    Same problem since the day I started using this. Woo says it's an smtp sever issue, and suggest a plug in. Doesn't work.
    Bottom line is, it does not nor will it ever work correctly and I have given up and have to spend a lot of time manually imputing orders via pen and paper.
    I suggest looking for another cart it seems A LOT of people have this issue and Woo is obtuse in realizing and correcting it.
    If I find a solution ( a better cart) I'll post. If you find the answer let us know!

  3. tproctor
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have noticed that the customers are receiving the order confirmation emails (the "processing" order emails) but I haven't received a similar such email of any sort on the administrator side since April 30th. SOOO FRUSTRATING! Still no luck. I've tried several other mail plugins and had zero success!

  4. Ludomiator
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Same for me : ZERO email notification! After all that work... It's so sad to be stuck with a problem like this! I can't believe i'm gonna have to restart from scratch.

  5. ReggiesRoast
    Posted 3 years ago #

    It is beyond frustrating. I thought we previously had the worst shopping cart ever (MAL-E's) since it couldn't coneect with ecommerce analytics, but at least it could tell you when you had an order!
    This might not be so bad if you could print a legible order from the cart but the orders are so convoluted, it makes no sense to do that.
    It's like having tires on a car that don't spin. Something so basic and WOO has no resolution for it. All they say is use the plug in that doesn't work.

  6. Ludomiator
    Posted 3 years ago #

    It work! It seem's that the root of the problem was my hosting (godaddy.com)... For those who are in the same situation, that's how i solve it :

    Download the pluggin : WP Mail SMTP
    Set-up the pluggin option like this :

    - From Email: Your GoDaddy hosting email address
    - From Name: The name you want people to see in their email inbox.
    - Mailer: Select: "Send all WordPress emails via SMTP."
    - SMTP Host: smtpout.secureserver.net
    - SMTP Port: 80
    - Encryption: Select: "No encryption."
    - Authentication: Select: "Yes: Use SMTP authentication."
    - Email: Your GoDaddy hosting email address
    - Password: The password for the Email account above.

    I hope this could help others and if not, sorry for you guys :(

    Sorry for my english... I'm not use to write anything else than french.

  7. Mike Jolley
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    There is a lot of false information, such as looking at cron jobs, inside this thread. Most of you likely have different causes but the same result for this 'issue'.

    I will try to summarize what can cause this issue, and what you can do to resolve and debug it.


    1) SETTINGS > EMAIL > NEW ORDER > Recipient(s) field misconfigured - this field can override the 'admin email address' setting of WP to control whom gets emails.

    2) Email going to spam-box. HTML emails especially can go to spam. The email settings section will let you choose 'plain text' instead of 'html' if you wish to reduce the likelihood of this. *or* find what is blocking the email and whitelist woo emails.

    3) Settings > Emails > Email 'from' field. Some server environments refuse to sent email from anyone but a certain email domain. Clear these fields or set to a domain which is allowed (check with the host). I believe some godaddy setups have this limitation.

    4) Bad template override in theme. Switch to the 'twenty eleven' theme and repeat. If it comes through it may be an override (overrides are listed in WC > System Status for you, and if the email templates are overriden and causing issues contact the theme author - FYI they should not override all templates!).

    5) Plugin conflict. Turn off all plugins bar woocommerce to test.

    6) Finally, check to ensure orders are not 'pending' and are indeed going to 'processing' or 'complete' status. Pending = unpaid. If you are using paypal and orders are pending, but you know they have been paid, you have an paypal IPN issue. http://docs.woothemes.com/document/paypal-standard/#section-6

    IF ALL ELSE FAILS the host may be responsible. Trying SMTP plugins may help but at the end of the day the emails are being sent via your server - contact the hosting provider and ask for assistance.

    Good luck.

  8. mollysmills
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have been having the issue of the order confirmations not being sent to me but they were being sent to my customers just fine. After my developer spent several frustrating hours trying to fix it I thought it might be nice to share how I solved it. My problem was that none of my users (mainly me) had their email address set to the same email address that the order confirmations were supposed to be sent to. When I originally set up my user account I used my personal email instead of my email address which is where I had selected to send the order confirmations. As soon as I changed my user account email to [ redacted ] the order confirmations started coming through just fine. Hope this helps someone!

  9. ajamm
    Posted 3 years ago #

    @reggiesroast - we use Woocommerce for all our WordPress ecommerce websites and have never had issues with the email notifications, they work smoothly and reliably in every case.

    Very early in the game, we did have issues with WordPress on a Windows server, but since being on Linux, everything has been great!

    I would echo Woos responses, that the issue is either in the WordPress install or the hosting. It would be a very simple thing to set up a demo site or dev site to test this, on a fresh install of WP and Woo.

    Good luck finding a solution. If you are in NZ, I would gladly help out, as our specialty is in NZ WordPress Websites.

  10. ReggiesRoast
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks, but there really seems to be absolutely no solution to this. Very frustrating. Nothing sends to customers, they cannot "contact us" from the contact page, nothing but complaints from customers that our New Wonderful Shopping Site, simply just sucks. I never had one complaint about our old site in three years. It may be free, but with this thing, you get what you pay for - NOTHING.

  11. jehosophat
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Have you tried each and every solution that @mikejolley documented above?

    Who provides your hosting service?

    If for example you were to add a user to your wp install, do you get notification emails?

    As noted previously, some hosts simply do not play well with WP - it's not a woocommerce-specific issue. Have you tried an installation on a different host?

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