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    I’m using the Flexishop 2 premium theme by PrimaThemes ( which uses the Woocommerce ( plugin to handle the shop functionality.

    Everything is fine except the fact that email receipts/notifications are not send to either the customer placing the order or the admin. However, when the order has been placed by the user I can see it in the order list in Woocommerce where the status by default is set to “pending”. When I change the status of the order to “In progress” the email receipt and notification is send to both customer and admin.

    But I need the receipt to be send out to the customer and admin immediately after the order has been placed so I don’t have to login to my WordPress backend and check for new orders. Otherwise, it may cause confusion for the customer if the receipt is not received immediately.

    How can I do this? It seemed to be working fine some time ago.. Alternatively, how can I change the default order status in woocommerce to “In progress” so the receipt gets send immediately?

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  • I am having the same issue. It works with a check payment, but there is some disconnect coming back from paypal after the sale.

    Any update on this issue? I seem to have the same problem.


    Yea, I found the issue and everything is running smoothly now. However, my problem seemed to be related to my payment gateway (ePay). The notifications didn’t get send due to the fact that I had protected my site with password before I went live. For some reason this password protection (.htaccess) interfered with the ePay plugin and caused the issue. The minute I removed the protection the issue was solved 🙂

    Dunno if that helps?

    Otherwise, I know there’s been similar issues with Paypal as payment gateway. This guy has exactly the same problem but that is due to some IPN configuration:

    No good news on my end.

    I have dealt with the rigamarole of every support team involved(the theme developer, paypal, host, and woocommerce). I am dealing with woocommerce now, and we have narrowed it down to an application issue.

    Woocommerce has a system status option and it looks like all is ok on the ipn front.

    Thanks McAsh. Would you mind expanding on specifics? I’m a little nervous about editing the .htaccess file at all and just don’t want to screw this up. Are you saying you removed the file? or you edited something in it? Sorry, this area is not my best. Thanks.

    I password protected the root folder from my FTP file manager which created a .htaccess file in the same folder. It generated the following code inside the .htaccess:

    AuthType      basic
    AuthName     "Secured area"
    Require       valid-user

    I deleted this snip which removes the password protection and after that the email system worked perfectly and everybody received the right notifications etc.

    Good luck 🙂

    I’m having the same problem as well. All emails work except the “new order email”.

    A lot of people are having this problem. I’ve tried 10 smtp servers and all test fine in (WP SMTP), the order notes, send invoice buttons work perfectly, but woocommerce won’t send the new order email’s.

    Any ideas? Woocommerce developers? Thanks in advanced.

    I’m having the same problem. Worked well until 9 o’clock last night, then the new order emails stopped as well as the stats in woocommerce, without any obvious other changes made to the system. Good thing is that the orders still are registered… Other emails (comment notifications etc) are sent as ususal

    I’m still having this problem. Woocommerce “new order” emails aren’t even hitting my postfix mail system on my server.

    This means its a plugin problem not a mail server problem. Is there a fix for this Woocommerce team?

    I’m having the same problem !!!!
    pay pal is my only payment method .

    no notifications are sent to me nor the shopper , I only know about sales if i log in and look at my ecommerce section.

    some of my items are downloadable, which means the buyers dont get their links as they are supposed to.

    I’m having the same problem – no “new order” emails are sent. We’re testing the site at the moment, and this is proving frustrating. Does this need to be set up anywhere or should it be automatic? We use Paypal and WorldPay payment gateways.


    I read somewhere there was an update to the plugin that should resolve this .
    I updated my plugin and am waiting for the next sale to test it …. 🙂

    It still doesn’t work 🙁 i just had a sale and i only know this because of the paypal notification.
    anybody home ? anyone working on solving it ?

    same problem here, no emails going to customer on order no emails going when order processed etc.. I did get one email to advise of new order but no more

    I have the same problem… My customer does receive e-mails, me on the other hand not. Tried to contact woocommerce, but they won’t help because i don’t have a wootheme. Does anybody have a wootheme? Maybe he/she can try to contact woocommerce?

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