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    Dear Support Developers. My website is using woocommerce plugin and layout. In this there is a problem with shop page issue: website URL =

    The main landing page takes to shop page there are total 13 products which are supposed to display in one page.
    But the problem is, at present there are only 9 products accommodated in the landing page and rest 3 products are showing in wordpress next page. How to bring all 13 products at one single page? i.e landing page.

    To Navigate products one has to click Next at the bottom of the page to view rest of the products OR Previous to comeback to the shop main page. Please let me know if it can be done or not.

    Please let me know what changes have to make this happen. I appreciate your help and support to resolve this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I asked the same question and was able to do what you’re trying to do by appending the following text in your Themes functions.php

    // Display 24 products per page
    add_filter(‘loop_shop_per_page’, create_function(‘$cols’, ‘return 24;’));


    Thank you for the reply. Can you please let me know whether it did worked for your requirement just by uploading above edited code sent by you or you did any other changes to make it work.

    Please let me know the procedure how you did it? as i am a beginner or new to this web development.


    All I did was access “themes function.php” (using the built-in Themes editor) and added that text at the bottom.

    Thank you for your above info. I am using WordPress NOMNOM theme with WORDPRESS 3.5 Version , i just did it as you said above, but the Next and Previous are exist and not going away. Due to these two options still both pages are remains same instead of bringing all the products into single shop page.

    Any further help will be appreciated. works for me, i.e. number of products per page changed from default 10 to 24. In my case the number of products is less than 24, thus there is no second page, no previous/next page. Maybe someone else can offer help? Sorry

    Roy Ho


    @murarig – you should then test it with a default theme like TwentyTwelve. If it works there, that would mean your current theme is altering the query somehow and thus the filter mentioned is not affecting it.

    OK, Thank you will retry again. Thanks for the help.

    There is a very easy way to do it. You just got to Settings>Reading> and change “Nnumber of Blog Pages show at Most” to the number of products you want displayed.

    Roy Ho


    @miracon, yes but that means the blog is affected. What if he wants blog posts to show only 10 but products to show 20?

    @splashing…you are right. I’ve only designed sites that were WooCommerce shopping sites so when I changed that well after loading products, it made no difference to the site. They weren’t blog sites at all. 🙂

    @miracon, yes, it did worked as you said Settings>Reading>increased numbers for display.


    Glad it worked for you. That’s the way I do it if I don’t have a blog page. 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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