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    Hi, using woocommerce here.

    I do not know how the plugin decides what to cache and what not.

    It seems it works like this: if I visit the website (no cookies in my browser) I am served cached pages. Then I put a product in my cart, and after that I visit the home page: from there on I do not get the cached pages but instead the pages get rendered on each request.
    Probably you are checking if there is a cookie named “wp_cart_created” to check if my cart is not empty, or something similar.

    I completely understand this logic: in many themes the mini-cart is rendered server side in the template, and we do not want to show a wrong mini-cart.

    BUT: I need to optimise my website a little more, so I am switching to an ajax mini-cart, this means that the rendered html page will be the same for every user: some of them will have an empty cart, other ones will have some products in it. In my case it will not matter, as the mini-cart will be loaded via ajax once the browser renders the dom.

    I would like the plugin to send the cached version of the “normal” pages even when a woocommerce session is running. Is this possible?


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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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