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  • If I understand it correctly, this is sofar not possible. Rather disappointing but it seems that ecommerce in general is sofar limited to items sold a piece and not per metre or kilo…

    Guess I have to keep going to the local markets to sell my dutch cheeses for now…


    It is possibel with Dynamic Price extension:

    price: 100$

    thank you

    Uhm, if you say so, but I am not convinced that this can actually do what I want it to. The documentation is kinda unclear about the exact option I look for. Do you have an exemple of a site that uses this extension? Yours maybe? I am not ready to shelve out 100 dollars just to find out it may or may not work.

    I want Woocommerce to allow customers to enter a weight in grammes (or kilos) they want to buy of a certain kind of product. The product has a price per kilo and the extension should calculate the price for a given amount (0,75 kilo x 12,80=9,50 for exemple.

    I have read and reread the documentation on this extension and it seems that it won’t do the trick I want it too…

    I don’t need discounts at certain amounts purchased, I only want to simply be able to have customers enter an amount of product (like: weight or length) and than have the extension calculate the price based on a given price per kilo of product.

    Any one got a solution or exemple of a extension that does this?

    I am not an expert on the plug-in by any means, but have you looked into the documentation for variable products? It would require a lot of configuration for each product, but I think you’d be able to get what you are looking for. With attributes and variations, you can do quite a bit of configuration.

    Hi Bourgdemat,
    sorry the delay…
    I didn’t bought the extension, and I understand your questions… I have the same ones, so I will not buy it…


    I looked into variable products, thanks for the tip. But that seems indeed a long way to get there, and it means also that I cannot let the customer freely enter the desired quantity of product, but I’d have to present the client with an (endless) list of different weights to choose from. And I am not even sure if Woocommerce would calculate than the right price, or just use the weight entered for calculating shipping… No to mention the hassle when a price (per kilo) changes…

    Thank you also Filipe for your reply. Still waiting for someone to come up with a solution.

    The only other input I have my experiences with WooCommerce is that it’s a very good plug-in. If the functionality you are looking for doesn’t exist in the program, there likely is a extension somewhere to add it. But, there are a lot of sources for plug-ins out there and it can be a little confusing and expensive shopping for them, and it can be hard to search for them just using a search engine. Sites like Code Canyon have a lot of interesting extensions, so it may be worth looking there.

    If you don’t want to get into adding extensions though, you may have to look at another platform. I don’t think there is a way to do exactly what you want with WooCommerce in it’s ‘stock’ form.

    Hey TDU,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I don’t mind adding extensions to WooCommerce at all. Even paying (a fair amount) for one that does what I want it too is totally fine by me. I’ll have a look at Code Canyon, thanks for the tip. I would however like to stay in WordPress if possible, and not have to use hand coding for something that seems like a common, and easy to resolve problem to me.

    Would you not just enter the product as: example salt – 1 kilo/grams – $$ and then the customer has the option to select as many kilos(quantities) as they want. or fabric – 1 meter – $$ etc.?? Or am i missing something?

    That’s what I do now, but the problem is that I want clients to be able to order any amount, so 1,25 kilos or 0,7…
    And that is not possible in a standard WooCommerce setup.

    I could place all products in “units” of 100 grams, but thats far from elegant in my opinion.

    I sell one of a kind items, do not want the customer to choose quantity at all.

    Anyone know a way to turn off this option?

    I tried ‘Woo Remove Qty selectors’ but it doesnt seem to have anywhere to edit the plugin…

    Plugin Author James Koster


    Hey bourgdemat perhaps this extension would serve you better;


    James, you are my hero. It works! Thanks.

    Now If only I could switch of the number-field and only have required weight field followed by the add to cart button the WooWorld would be perfect.

    Thanks for any tips.

    I was looking for this too! Thank you.
    People will buy vegetables by weight and price will change every week. So perfect here 😉

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